Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

First I'd like to say thank you for everyone that has downloaded and purchased the first book of The Season Series "When Season's Change" I hope you enjoyed it and it didn't shock you too bad and make you afraid of book two.
As you know I don't post on The Story Teller's Lair feeds any more and haven't for a while. With the creation of the website and the expanding infrastructure of The Rattler Imprint I haven't the time. But I will keep this blog for communication and will post on it.
The site blog on is mainly for informing visitors of events, sales, specials, and upcoming  works and a place you can receive discount codes.
I'd like to start off this new year off by saying I am changing to the way my work will be distributed. Starting at the stroke of midnight I've decided to pull all publications from Kindle and Kindle unlimited because of the exclusivity requirements. I will not limited the work to a single distributor but instead will publish across multiple platforms, greatly expanding the ebook availability in the global market place. Print versions of the work will still be available at Createspace.
The site will soon be down for maintenance shortly after the 1st but an announcement will be made in advance on the site blog, my blog and on the facebook page.

Again Thank you for your support

Happy New Year from:
David, Nasrene, Steven, Daniel and Tracy and all the people at The Story Teller's Lair 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

An indepth interview at Smashwords

Evening Meeting

Yesterday evening I met with a few members of the crew concerning, the site blog and The Storyteller's Lair. I've decided to release book II of The Season Series in February instead of January. This will give more time to implement other upcoming changes without congestion. These changes will give us greater latitude and control of the works and enable us to respond to question and concerns in a more timely manner. Although, I'm not confirming any changes to the publishing platform at this time, I'm restructuring the operations of, the site blog as well as this blog.

David Rattler  

Thursday, December 25, 2014

SmashWord Interview

Earlier this week pending the release of "When Season's Change" with Smashwords, David agreed to an in-depth interview. The reclusive author gave more detail into his secret world. You can read what the author said at his authors page. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The opening the site blog

I have authorized the creation is a site blog on For visitors to post comments about the site and the works you have read. Also Indie Authors are encouraged to submit to the site manager for permission to advertise your latest works on the site blog. The site manager must approve your submission within 12hrs of submission. I have instructed her not to be genre specific. The purpose of the blog is to help Indie authors promote your works.  

Monday, December 8, 2014



Until 12/31/14 the author is offering a 10% off on the paperback Nightmares and When Season's change. This special is only available at the createspace ebook store.
Learn more about this special and upcoming releases at


Friday, December 5, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


FROM 11/26 THROUGH 12/31

Madison Stone returns to her home town to uncover an event that happened on her twelfth birthday, but can she escape before it happens again?
John Ryan almost hits a shadow figure on a snowy night driving home , but a soothsayer reveals something even more terrifying about that night.
Nearing a century old, Edger Nichols is recording his past life experiences. For the most past it been a peaceful, except the evening, he narrowly escaped the woman in the woods.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Regarding Book Stores and Distributors

If you are looking to carry my works you should contact me directly at for discount codes. Place either Book Store or Distributor in the subject line. Name, address and phone number should be in the body.

The website is TBA


David Rattler

Monday, November 24, 2014


Join me here at the blog. Follow me of facebook and twitter. For the latest news about the author,  new releases, discounts and discover how to receive a free signed copy of When Season's Change. (Details coming soon)

David Rattler

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Story Teller Interview with David Rattler

The Lair: I’m joined today by one of the most controversial authors in the underground. David Rattler. First I' d like to welcome him to the Lair.

David: Thank you for having me.

The Lair: Let’s get started. When Season’s Change. The Journey Begins sent a wave of terror throughout the underground was that your intent?

David: I knew the work would be met with mixed opinions. But no I didn’t believe it would be the shock factor it has been.

The Lair: What inspired you. Your plot twist, your characters and your bold attack and everything most people hold secrete.

David: The world around me inspires me. But I’ve never been one to hold back in my works. In my earlier works I was much more brutal. When Season’s Change is a complex work, but The Season Series is complex in itself. I decided to tell the story from the point of view of three women because it was a challenge for me, being a straight man. But I think what pissed people off mostly was not only did the story surround the trials of woman. But woman of different races coming together and finding a single truth, not only about themselves, but the world around them and how it connects.

The Lair: You mentioned something in book I the time continuum will we see that in the series?

David: Yes that Ingrid dilemma she’s going to have to figure that out. Each character has a dilemma and they must complete the journey.

The Lair: Reviews do you read them?

David; No. Because you have to remember that reviewers are human and only have opinions. If I write something that reminds you of how your wife of girlfriend ran off with the mailman. Well in your mind I just became the mailman. How do you feel about him?

The Lair: There is a rumor that you don’t trust editors. Any truth to that?

David: I was born black in America and I’m sure they’d love to put subliminal whispers in my work. But I haven’t never been a good one and never will be.

The Lair: Is it true that at one time you build an alter and burned an edited manuscript?

David: I did burn the manuscript but I didn’t build an alter.

The Lair: Why?

David: When I started writing in my early teens. I was a reader first. I noticed the structure of the work, and wondered why African American writers and African writer didn’t sound the same. I know there is a cultural difference. With the exception of Toni Morrison. I kept hearing this whisper in a lot of African American’s works that wasn’t in the Africans and wasn’t in the white writers.

The Lair: What sort of whisper?”

David: It’s subliminal and you only hear it when your discover what the author not saying but implying. It’s an apologetic suggestion. And it always made me look behind me and wonder who the hell are you apologizing to for being black? I fucking know it’s not me.

The Lair: So is that why you burn the edited manuscript?

David: Yeah, got it back my shit apologizing it’s ass off. When I struck the match, David does not apologize and the house of David do not bow.

The Lair: What advice would you give to writers?

David: At the end of the day it’s your work, it’s you legacy and it need to say what you want it to say. Not what some clown sitting behind a desk think it should say.

The Lair: What authors do you read?

David: I read everyone works. Until they make the mistake of saying. I listen to the reader and give the reader what they want.

The Lair: Why is that a bad thing?

David: Because you’re not tell me the story you telling me what you think I want to hear.

The Lair: How many book are in the series?

David: so far only three complete but four and five are evolving.

The Lair: I’d like to think you for taking the time. And I for one can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store throughout the series.

David: Thank you for having me. Book II will be just as shocking.

You can learn more about David Rattler on his authors page at or the and here at The Story Teller’s Lair.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The release of the first book

Since the release of When Season's Change. The first book in the Season Series. I've been inundated with question about, the layout on Kindle. First let me say to the ones that took advantage of the free promotion of the work and for the ones that purchased it, no one is appalled at the lay out more then I. And no one cares about the work more then the creator. As I am sure their approach is more profit than perfection. I will work diligently on way around their inadequacies to deliver the best possible product for a more enjoyable read in the future.

As far as the Character's all I can say is the journey will be complete for each one in the final book.

In a recent interview I was asked, as I guess all authors are, about my childhood. I'm sure it was disappointing to discover there were no abuses of any sort in my young life. I'm sure, as the world loves misery, there goes book sales.

I was also asked about my straight forward approached about people and the world around me.
My answer: There was never a requirement to follow any dogma, but it religious and direction in life. I was allowed to develop be my own individual identity. And part of that was never except things as they say. But the most important thing, by for, was discovery through knowledge about the world around you both past, present and future.

The website is coming I predict by the end of winter. And I will offer you more insight into my world as time passes.   


Wednesday, October 1, 2014