Monday, October 13, 2014

The release of the first book

Since the release of When Season's Change. The first book in the Season Series. I've been inundated with question about, the layout on Kindle. First let me say to the ones that took advantage of the free promotion of the work and for the ones that purchased it, no one is appalled at the lay out more then I. And no one cares about the work more then the creator. As I am sure their approach is more profit than perfection. I will work diligently on way around their inadequacies to deliver the best possible product for a more enjoyable read in the future.

As far as the Character's all I can say is the journey will be complete for each one in the final book.

In a recent interview I was asked, as I guess all authors are, about my childhood. I'm sure it was disappointing to discover there were no abuses of any sort in my young life. I'm sure, as the world loves misery, there goes book sales.

I was also asked about my straight forward approached about people and the world around me.
My answer: There was never a requirement to follow any dogma, but it religious and direction in life. I was allowed to develop be my own individual identity. And part of that was never except things as they say. But the most important thing, by for, was discovery through knowledge about the world around you both past, present and future.

The website is coming I predict by the end of winter. And I will offer you more insight into my world as time passes.   


Wednesday, October 1, 2014