Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

First I'd like to say thank you for everyone that has downloaded and purchased the first book of The Season Series "When Season's Change" I hope you enjoyed it and it didn't shock you too bad and make you afraid of book two.
As you know I don't post on The Story Teller's Lair feeds any more and haven't for a while. With the creation of the website and the expanding infrastructure of The Rattler Imprint I haven't the time. But I will keep this blog for communication and will post on it.
The site blog on is mainly for informing visitors of events, sales, specials, and upcoming  works and a place you can receive discount codes.
I'd like to start off this new year off by saying I am changing to the way my work will be distributed. Starting at the stroke of midnight I've decided to pull all publications from Kindle and Kindle unlimited because of the exclusivity requirements. I will not limited the work to a single distributor but instead will publish across multiple platforms, greatly expanding the ebook availability in the global market place. Print versions of the work will still be available at Createspace.
The site will soon be down for maintenance shortly after the 1st but an announcement will be made in advance on the site blog, my blog and on the facebook page.

Again Thank you for your support

Happy New Year from:
David, Nasrene, Steven, Daniel and Tracy and all the people at The Story Teller's Lair 

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