Thursday, December 10, 2015

Change of Releas date

First I'd like to apologize to all those who have waited patiently for the release and for those that have sent emails regarding the release of book three of The Season Series. But due to a scheduling mix up, we've decided to change the release to a later date.
The website is due to be down in the near future for redesigning and the release was scheduled during the same week. And since the holiday's are fast approaching, I've decided not to add more pressure the team. It would be better to release in late February. That would not only ensure the system is operational, but would also give the crew time to--not that they ever take a drink--sober up from the festive activities.
Please accept my apologizes for this delay. And thank you for your continued interest in my works.
Wishing you and your a
Happy Kwanzaa,
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas
and a prosperous New Year.

David Rattler

Saturday, August 29, 2015


I've decided to redesigned the cover for the first book to be more in line with what's inside. But only the cover has changed it the same page turning story as before. If you haven't gotten a copy of this one or book II now is the time to catch on reading, book III Certosina is still scheduled for release in Mid-December. And for those who are taking to journey with Ingrid, Elizabeth and Kelly I hope you enjoy Book III as much as you have for first two.
When Season's Change

Sunday, August 16, 2015


The Season of Tribulations
Book III of The Season Series
is scheduled for release in Mid-December.
The journey toward enlightenment for Ingrid, Elizabeth and Kelly continues. Book three is just as exciting and thrilling as I & II. Although, we not taking pre-orders at this time, that will be announced at a later date. If you've taking the journey starting with book I and have book II this one is a must read. But if you haven't taken the journey shame on you, but it's not too late books I & II is available at all major ebook retailers and available in paperback too. contact for more information.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New distributor The African Book Store

Starting today my works are also available at The African Book Store. Like all of us here at David Rattler Dot Com they're also committed to spreading the African and African American experiences around the world. Not only do they carries the literary works of both African and African American authors, but also a vast array of items all related to the experience.
Stop by and visit them today at

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Exposing an uncomfortable Truth

First I'd like to express my heart felt somber for the fallen nine people in Charleston, your lives and deaths are not in vein, but should serve as a light that continues to shine, exposing the true color of evil that has plagued humanity for centuries. It's no accident the tragedy happened the way it did, so let us explore an actual truth.
For any person of color the most important thing in your life is focus. My native grandmother use to say "always maintain your focus, keep your purpose intact and never listen to the beautiful lies told by the colorless people. They wrote themselves in their own book (the bible) as the beast."
Twenty years after my grandmother's death, her words still echo through the chambers of time as an unchallenged truth.
The words on the website are true. I was born five months before the dreamer was gunned down in Memphis, and I did grew up in the seventies. I wasn't here during the marches in the sixties. But I was at the University of Memphis when thirty good white Christians decided to beat up three people, two black one white. And I did participate in the sit-in in front the Dean's office. But as I near fifty, I'm not holding a sign and I'm not marching, the hell with that. But when your ready to react, the same way the Jews did after the Holocaust call me. The reason I say that is because of all the marching and singing done in the sixties, it only led you back again to this same point in history facing the same problem, and the cycle continues.
But to be fair let us let reveal a truth. I've heard many things from them surrounding this tragedy. They've call the monster a lone wolf, mentally ill, and I've even heard the classic white ruse, blame the dead for their deaths. But the uncomfortable truth is, if you look at it from another angle their right about themselves. Allow me to explain. They have always been all of that from the start. The attack on Muslim Spain, the attacks on the Natives on two continents, makes them mentally challenges lone wolves that tell beautiful lies. Their history records it as a truth, so we must take it as just what it is a truth.
But it's not only them that's the problem, you have to recognize the subliminal words they say to you also and call it too their attention. "I don't see color" those words mean your a lying white racist. Because color is the first thing you see when handsome me walk into a room. So why is something so unimportant for you too see, but so important for you to mention that it's not important to see. It's just a white ruse designed to keep you off balance and make you lose focus of the true problem, them.
I've seen the signs, "Black lives Matter" and then I've seen them counter with "all life matters" but if your white and are not holding a sign that says "Black lives Matter" then your a diversion to the purpose. We know all life matters, but right now we're focused on black lives, so either get on point, or grab a rack like your parents did in the sixties. I've seen only a few people of color address this when we all should be addressing it as what it is, a diversion. If your a person of color and married to one of them and if their not holding the other end of that sign, that says "Black lives Matter" and your making excuses and swallowing your blackness in the name of love, sleeping with the enemy of your own kind makes you a trader and you deserve what you get for the works you've do, as simple as that.
The next thing is I'm so disappointed in the way people of color have viewed and neglected the Natives and their struggles against the same enemy. Do not adopt the racial slurs imposed on them by whites. If you don't want whites calling you nigger. Get just as pissed off when white call them Timber niggers. They are as you beautiful people of color and deserve the same respect as you. Their fight is your fight, extent a helping hand, make an alliance, be a leader for humanities, let your struggles against the common enemy be a beacon for all people of color that struggle against-- as my grandmother would say--the pale people.
Stop trying to fit into their world because the Jesus man got a mansion on Gold Street waiting for you, don't fall for the beautiful lies they tell about a mythical paradise in the sky, only if you suffer while alive. And if you haven't figured it out yet, no I'm not Christian, never have been, and never will be. Usually I don't write this much on blogs, and for the ones that truly knew me, also know I've never been silent either. This is a continues cycle of the same that have existed since they crawled out the caves seeking enlightenment from people of color. And for the people that knew me, you can breath easy, I was nice, kind of, because as you know most of the time, I'm usually not.   


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Now available on Lulu Publishing

When Season's Change is now available on Lulu

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Announcement

I'm pleased to announce that The Story Teller's Rate and Review now has a place at and can be read in it's entirety at
 Also keep checking the site-blog and also my personal blog for upcoming events and details. We have delayed the start of the contest for now but I will commit to it at a later date. The work is still available for pre order on all major ebook retailers.
The release date is still 4/20/15 and we will launch a major marketing campaign in a week or so across multiple feeds.

David Rattler    

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Up Coming Event

In two weeks we will announce how you can win a free signed copy of Discovery The Season of Shadows the 447 page thought provoking novel.
go to to learn how to enter.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Less than 2 months from before the thought provoking novel Discovery The Season of Shadows


Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Story Teller's Review



I have been fortunate to have known David Rattler for a number of years. I first met him in college and have enjoyed his works for years in the underground. When we was selected to read and rate his works we were honored, because like the public reviews, that he supposedly never read, our mattered to him. But before I begin our review let me backtrack. I read the first book of the Season Series “When Season's Change” and like many readers who have grown used to writers saying things a certain way, I too thought he's nuts. I sent him a note and asked him about what I thought was structural and spellings problems. A few days later I received a reply, “you must learn to listen” was all it said. I went back and reread the work and instead of looking at like most readers, I let the writer tell the story, and like Dante I found myself descending into darkness and there were demons, but they weren't writers, they were mine. What I was mistaken for misspelled words was actually words from a language. Take for instant the character Pamela. It was spelled correctly throughout the work and I'd grown used to it, but when her name was mentioned by her sister in a scene the spelling changed. Quemela is actually a Cherokee word that pronounced (kwaymayla) and although, he gave hints of the character nationality throughout the work. I like most readers, missed it too. I realized then that it wasn't his like of knowledge of grammatical English structure, but his love of language itself, and his ability to intertwines it with English to complete a whole. He also used Vlax Romanian, French and German in the first book. For the years I've known him I finally realized he'll never submit to the terrorist demands of readers and editors with near visions. You'll have to expand your own horizon to understand the journey of the human experience in his works.

We recently read and reviewed the second book of The Season Series “Discovery The Season of Shadows” and in many ways it's darker then the first. He didn't use as many different dialects as in book one, but he continued with the time continuum theory. It's going to be interesting too see how that plays out in the series.

Like most readers, again, I too expected ethnic writers to say certain words to keep me in a safe place while giving a peek at the suffering in their world. I guess that why each time I read his works, I’m shocked. David doesn’t provide that safety net and the promotion of white privileges. He rips down that facade, holds a mirror to your face, and subliminally whispers, “behold the beast in you.” So if you're the type of reader that's looking for a safe place to keep your pride, and dare I say, your whiteness, this isn't the oh, praise the lord, I'm going to heaven type works, that makes you feel good about your position in humanity. This is a living hell, this is man absent of humanity, this is a mirror of the evil born in you the reader, and a frightening prophecy of vengeance.

When we finished reading this work we sat quite for a moment. After a meeting we all agreed the works leaves you numb, afraid, and ashamed. He'd based the story line in indisputable truths and forced us to stare into the eyes of the beast within us.

The work delivers a mind numbing shock factor that's truly psychological in nature.

The Lair gives Discovery The Season of Shadows.

5 Green flags

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Interview with The Story Teller

"In my works I don't give you a glimpse of the struggles your actions caused in my world, that's counter productive. I hold up a mirror so you can behold your own bestiality."
-David Rattler

Monday, February 16, 2015

Discovery The Season of Shadows.

  “Let the prophet speak their demise into existence and it be fulfilled. Then rip from his mouth his lying tongue. Let the thieves’ hands be cut from him and fall to the earth, as a symbol to the whole of humanity that greed is his worth.”

--Kelly Holland
Discovery The Season of Shadows 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Book II rating and review

I've just read The Story Teller's review of Discovery The Season of Shadows

Wednesday, February 11, 2015



The August wind swooped down from the Cimmerian sky. With a dark autumn whisper; from the tops of trees, it surf withered leaves, across forgotten graves, around weather worn tombstones, and down the hill; through the open gates, and across the street; where, underneath a waning gibbous moon, the last of summer grass lay dying.

The Priest and the grave diggers—gone, leaving a single mourner with events once so large in life, now so infinitesimal in memory. The path chosen should’ve been the road not taken. But who could’ve known, the autumn whisper that marked the end of an odyssey, marked the beginning of a journey.

His very existence was a blasphemy because his creator. A mortal man whose repulsion for humanity, was an open secret, spawned him out of the dark ideology of the light. But even now, counted among the dead, his legacy will be praised in the dark hearts of the ones of the same order.

Tomorrow the sun will rise. And those of the order will make the most heinous of his mortal sins, venial, and proclaim him blessed. But his stench will continue to stain humanity. Time will erase his true nature, as it has with the others; and the autumn whispers still bring no justice, for neither the living, nor the dead.

For more information about the upcoming release Book II Discovery The Season of Shadows contact the this blog or the site-blog at

The thought provoking novel When Season's Change

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

When Season's Change

I've decided to let When Season's Change remain available as a free download for a while longer it still available free in ebook contact for upcoming information about the release of Discovery The Season of Shadows book II

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Only 5 days left for free download of the thought provoking novel When Season's Change The Journey Begins. Get your copy today.
 Free Download

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Taking Comments about a New book cover

I have an idea for a story in second person and I would love to get your feed back on the cover. Tell me what does it make you think of when you see it.

Monday, January 5, 2015


For a limited time I'm giving away "When Season's Change. The Journey Begins" you can download the thought provoking work at Smashwords There is a link provided in the news section of You are encouraged to post a review either on Smashwords or on the siteblog or here on my personal blog. In case you don't get by the website where other exciting offers are announced you can follow this link

Please download and enjoy

David Rattler