Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Gemini Project and this season's thoughts

Late this evening I met with the crew. They unveiled a workable prototype of the Gemini interface. I must congratulate them on a job well done, in such a short length of time especially with the recent launch of the new Rattler publishing website.
 During the presentation I recalled one of my siblings telling me I have a crew to die for. I smiled at the memory of the words, recalling how it all started, more on a wish and prayer than anything else. I do believe I am lucky or blessed for those that would like to take it there, to have enlightened people around me that understand and share the meaning, the purpose, and are along for the journey.
But again I am reminded of this season, and my wish for people of colour hasn't changed. Beyond the rants and lectures there is a stillness so sublime you can almost here your own heartbeat.  This stillness in ominously quiet like a sunrise, but one with an illumination far brighter than I've ever imagined.
Strangely this season of pagan festiveness has dull the glow in more than a few eyes, but maybe this too is needed to bring a few to the crossroads of questions and maybe; just maybe, before it too late that dull illumination will become brighter and they will finally turn from the lie and embrace that truth of who they really are and how much more important they are in the whole of humanity.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gemini Web-site building and Hosting with 24/7 Tech support

Coming in January


Web-site and Hosting with 24/7 Tech support

Rattler publishing is on schedule for the release of Gemini this coming January.
For more information about this program contact the Gemini team at

Outlook for 2017

With the upcoming changing of the guard we pause for a moment and look at what this actually means for people of colour. Now a lot of us do have personal reservation about the Obama administration, but to think in less than 30days those reservation will become less and less as important as Donald Trump takes office. After building his ideology on racial rhetoric and choosing people with the same ideas as Hitler's Henchman; we would be absolutely foolish not to believe that Germany's past isn't quickly becoming America's future.
We also have to look deeper at what transpired during the election. Its not that we are Pro-Hillary, in our opinion one is covert the other is overt, but both leads to the same end. But what this election proves that Obama, a well educated black man, and Michelle being a graceful well educated black woman, is so hated by whites that, they'd rather further destroy not only the legacy, but replace grace with trailer park trash. This should be a profound reality in your awakening of how whites actually feel about not only black people, but people of colour in general.
We're heard people of colour saying after the election, give him a chance, he's not going to do all that. Those words were once spoken in German now echo in English. And if your one of those people who believe those words, we have only one question, what will be your kristallnacht? That time when you realize, like the Jews in Nazi Germany, where there is nothing left to hope for.

David Rattler
Rattler Publishing

New content added to the news feed, Community and political sections
Rattler Publishing

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Our purpose

Rattler Publishing is actively connecting the positive experiences of people of colour. We are aggressively advertising and promoting programs that uplift, unite, improve the lifestyle, and empowers the mind. We are interested in your programs, ideas and organizations to join us on this journey. Contact us at
To find out more about us log on to and then to about us.
Coming in January we will open to the public Gemini, the website design and hosting company with 24/7 tech support. If you have or are considering taking your business or organization on line consider Gemini as your hosting company.
To find out more contact The program contact at:
we look forward to working with you to unify, preserve, and improve the lives of people of colour through awareness and togetherness.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

New Site launched. A word from David Rattler

After months of planning we've finally launched the new site. I'm extremely pleased with the crew for all their hard work on this project, especially Nasrene who single handed made in happen.
Rattler Publishing now moves into the next phase of it creation. We are poised to take an active role in the preservation of our cultural traditions, our arts, language, and spirituality, which; not only is an expression of our culture values, but it defines who we are as a people.
We've never accepted any European ideology of standards as higher and more civilized then our own ancient cultural standards and we never will. We are as ancient as the sand of time itself and no matter the conniving, the false ideologies imposed on us still we rise, we over come and we make miracles when there no hope in site.
I once said by ourselves alone we will define who we are; and today with the launch of the new site the idea has dawned and became the physical manifestation of our journey.
With this site we hope the bridge a gap between our people, build unity and self awareness of our importance, not to them, but to ourselves.
In a few weeks I'll release a video intro to the site and officially welcome you. We hope that you will join us because unity start not with me, but with us.
We've added a few new sections to the site and we hope you take advantage of this. We are looking to showcase the community programs that reflect a positive influence on our people, we'll showcase the works of independent minority authors, musicians and poets. Any creative art form that reflect a positive image of us as a people. We will also showcase, minority own business, and encourage people of colour to engage to help build our neighborhoods. We will in the near future showcase recipes from vegetarian to pastries that reflect our creativity.
In January we've planned to launch Gemini web-hosting.
For more information about our programs and Gemini contact us via the web.

We look forward to seeing you soon

David Rattler
Rattler Publishing

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Website Announcement

This morning David approved the proposal for Rattler Publishing to obtain its own website. We are not in the planning stages of making it become a reality. He approved everything for the new site that was previously approved for David Rattler dot com. The company website will incorporate The Story Teller's Lair and other avenues of community activities. A launch date hasn't officially been set but we are unofficially looking at the beginning or 2017.The learn more about this and other upcoming events please visit the news section of this site.

Nasrene Mohammed
VP Web coordinator

Publication date 10/22/16

Friday, September 23, 2016

Featured Author's Page now open

Yesterday David approved the policy for the featured author page on  The page is set to launch at midnight 9/18/2016 and will feature the works of other independent authors.
There is no fee and Rattler Publishing does not require copies of the work only a description and link to where the work is sold.
If you work is sole through multiple distributors please provide only one link.
You must be an independently published author, your work must be published through an independent publisher and distributor and works must not be published or affiliated with a major publishing house (no exceptions).
If you would like to market your work through Rattler Publishing's feature indie author page.
All request must be sent to
(Do not use the contact us or service page on this site or your work will not be considered)
The expected time is  30 days but Rattler Publishing reserves the right to limit the amount of items on the page and the length of time the page will appear throughout our feeds.
  1. You must provide a jpg or png image of the work. The image must be at least 1,600 x 2,400 px and a description of the work as it appears on your authors page in the market place and  also a link to the distributor in the market place.
  2. If your work is an upcoming release provide a cover, indicate the launch date, and link when available.  We will make ever effort to help make your launch a success.
  3. If your work is already in circulation follow rule one.

For more information about this and other exciting events keep checking back to his page

Nasrene Mohammed
web coordinator/ Rattler Publishing   
Publication  date 9/11/2916

Promotional Page

Rattler Publishing Proudly announces the promotion page. This page will promote the products of people of colour, from healthy food items to herbs and spices for a healthier lifestyle. This page is not limited to food and recipes, but any product or organization  created by people of colour for people of colour that improves the unity of our people and has a positive impact on rebuilding, not only the outer structure of our communities, but ourselves both economically and spiritually.
This page will updated on a monthly bases and will feature now products and organization as they become available to Rattler Publishing.
Previous articles and links will be stored in the archives section

Publication  Date 9/22/2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Requested Banning of works

Rattler Publishing and The Lair have reached out to our global and especially our South African distributors to place band the works of Annelie Botes  
 Ursula Turray
Operations/ Rattler Publishing

Monday, August 22, 2016



In their attempt to separate us from unity; they created a God in the image of who they are, and by doing so placed their own kind on a journey to extinction. They passed the Hegelian dialectic from generation to generation. The lexicon meant only to confuse and contain that which is uncontrollable by nature. Their illusion of God is to keep us spell bound in a state of mental slavery and to remain subservient to the image they created, and to hide in the shadows forever, we are the children of the sun, embraced by God’s perfect love for his first creation.
Out of blindness or sheer ignorance; with eyes painted on lids stitched shut; the blind with minds like whirling dervishes follows the ones without eyes, as if God was one of them. They lead the blind like lambs to the slaughter down pathway of chaos and self-loathing; always reminding them, look to the image and just believe; their journey ultimately ending in their insanity. But their God will never give the blind sight of its truth and will never ease the sorrows of the heads, hearts and minds; their ideologies should simply be ignored by us. Submission to their Faustian Bargain only binds us to the image they created and not the God of creation. We are born self-containing, all knowing; the perfect reflection of the creator and none can save us but ourselves.
Black, brown and bronze skin hated the world over because in each generation the one who cast a perfect image of himself is reborn only in us.
We have no need for your pale resuscitated Jesus man who died in two different months and still condemns us to this mental slavery. No need for your Abraham so willing to murder his own in search of the perfect love born in us. We have no need for your wise man Salomon who worshipped the God of his enemies and became an enemy to his own. We are the creation of the one who flung the stars across the heavens and every particle of light that illuminates the night sky and every ray of sunlight reflected off melanated skin reminds them of the terror in our awakening that signals their destruction. For every one of us killed by their guns and every tree that bore the strange fruit of our flesh, from out the womb of the sacred mother another is reborn a living witness to a different truth.
Their illusion of God; dissolved. We are awakened.
David Rattler

Up date and personal thanks

This is just to confirm the release of a new work is schedule for this upcoming autumn. The title of the work is not being released as of yet. But I'm excited about this new work as to date its the most challenging I've done and probably will ever do.
The video interview section of Rattler Publishing is moving along and should be launch during the same time as the release of the new work.
Thanks to everyone that help make the summer drive sale a success.

David Rattler 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Message to The Black Man

for the past five years; myself and a few others have been conducting research into a different truth. What we found confirmed what we suspected. History shows us that whites now stand at the door of extinction. Since the day they crawled out the caves 6,000 years ago; everything they’ve done toward the destruction of people of colour has been ineffective. We adopt and over-come and rise. He created a god in the image was who he is, branded himself superior, enslaved, created Jim Crow and a financial system tailored around his greed, but yet through his scheming: manipulating, lying, and even burning the cross of the god he created; he is still powerless to prevent his own extinction.

In the 20’s you saw the rise of Marcus Garvey and Pan-Africanism and again whites found a way to crush that resistance. I’ve always found it strange; that, whites will scream go back to Africa, but each time we tried to leave the shored of stolen land; they stopped us
In the 50’s they introduced the well-fare system then informed black woman, Uncle Sam would pay their expensive with only one condition. There can be no adult black male in the house. This sit up a spiraling chain reaction of genocide for the black men. Now this is not to blame black women, they had no idea of the enemy’s tactics manipulative he was. But the reality, when black men weren’t stepping up and being what they were created to be she had no choice but to accept; but that’s not to blame black men for that either. The system created on a two tier system. As Uncle Sam was paying the expenses for black women, he was also making sure black men remained at every disadvantage he could think of; even going so far as to offer him his white women then quickly arresting, convicting, and imprisoning him for the gift he gave.

In 60’s you saw the rise of Martin King and Malcolm X; something they had to quickly crush through government contracted murders. In the 70’s you saw the rise of Bobby Seals, H, Rap Brown and Huey Newton, The Black Panther Party, and again not only did whites crushed the resistance but with carefully government negotiated deals with Latin drug lords he flooded minority communities with illegal drugs.  But then the unexpected happened, it spilled into his own neighborhoods, and he quickly called it an epidemic and declared a war on drugs.

Now in this new century he realizes the fight against his extinction is a losing battle and you see now a desperate attempt to preserve his very existence. Turn on your TV on every commercial what do you see. A white man and a black woman, but at the same time black men are being murdered in the streets for simply being black; again the genocide of black men is on the way. But this is Custer’s last stand and he knows in a few generations his kind is no more and not even his pale Jesus man can save him.
Everything he’s done in the past has failed him and this will fail him too. During recent marches I saw the bravest among us black woman stand with the fist of defiance raised high against armed whites trying to justify yet another murder of a black man they committed. I also saw brothers take a sister out of the hands of whites with guns and sat the fear in the eyes of whites. But look closely at the fear you see in their eyes it wasn't the fear of death, but the fear of the reflection of the God that he created has lose control and appeal to generations of melanin skinned people.

We’ve also seen in his last attempt at survival the most unbelievable lies told as truth, he plans, executes, and murders even his own kind and blame the brown people for their deaths. The firing of several Black Police Women for speaking out against his injustice only proves that he's in the last hour his desperation and his fear now grows to panic.
Black women from the dawn of our existence have been the Lioness of our culture. They have raised our children and ferociously defended them against all enemies; including at time even us. They have held the future of a people on their fragile brown shoulders and have sheltered us against every storm we as a people have encountered. Now brothers it our turn, it’s time to rise, it's time to get up and commit to the obligations we have to our black women. It's time to protect against all enemies, to comfort, cherish and uplift our beautiful brown and dark skin sisters who through it all have never left our sides.

—David Rattler  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The official opening of The Lair


The Lair is not only a place but a higher level of consciousness. Here we will discuss ways of rebuilding our broken communities. We’ll discuss different concept of God, Spirituality, sensuality, and sexuality. We will also try and define what it means to be a person of color outside the diaspora or our ancestral origins. For many of you this will a frightening experience, we understand letting go of centuries old ideologies can be difficult, but ask yourself two questions, “has it worked in the past and is it working now?” If your answer is yes, then your in the wrong place…and wish you god sped.
Welcome to the dawn of your enlightenment.

The Lair     


Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Dawn of Sorrows Day

We here at Rattler Publishing; in lieu of celebrating and Independence Day will recognize it as The Dawn of Sorrows. In honor of both the author’s maternal and paternal linages, we have placed a black wreath on the door of the office and a yellow rose at the bottom. This will serves as a reminder to all who see it; the atrocities whites caused after gaining their freedom from Great Britain.
We will not remember or recognize white independence as an accomplishment but will instead remember the men, women, and even children at Wounded Knee that white soldiers gunned down in cold blood simply because they were Sioux; we will remember the fallen Aniyunwiya people on the trail of tears caused by white greed. We will also remember the African’s that arrived in chains on The Good Ship Jesus another example of white greed.
During this period of mourning Rattler Publishing, The Lair and its subsidiaries will sweep all traces of white independence from our global feeds and are urging all people of colour to do the same.   
Rattler Publishing




All publications are now on sale at 75% off through July 31st only at Smashwords.
Go to the author's page at
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Choose the work and enter code SSW75 to receive 75% Off during the entire month of July.
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Book I The Season Series

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A collection of Horror Tales

Thursday, May 26, 2016

New cover and note from the author

In the book world covers change as quickly as turning pages. I've approved a new cover for When Season's Change Book I The Season Series. This cover in my opinion is better suited for not only the work but the over all voice of the organization. We tell a different story, an undeniable, absolute truth about the world around us and the impact certain actions have on humanity itself. For the one that knows me, know I've never had breaks, and never will.
Recently I was in a literary discussion with a few people and the subject came up about creative control of your works. It's for better if an author self publish his/her works rather than let the publisher's bed wenches clip the nuts of it in order to make certain people remain comfortable in their fa├žade of innocence. My younger brother once said. "Those who fear death; are afraid to take a stand." He's absolutely correct, if you the creator allow others to have the controlling interest of the expressions of your words, than you in a sense are afraid to take a stand for your own essence and the stench of your cowardice will be all that left of your legacy when you close our eyes in death.

--David Rattler

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Graphs Design Page

Today we officially launched the graphic design page on and we look forward to hearing your comments concerning the art.
Also we will launch the interview page soon.

David Rattler

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Bata Reader Program now open to US Readers

I'm pleased to announce that after months of debating they ( the staff) has finally convinced me to approve the Bata Reader Program for US readers as we've done in the world outside the US. You can find the link at  

Monday, March 21, 2016

An update regarding the site

In the next few weeks or so I'll add a page to the site for Graphic's since they so thoughtfully forgot to provide a space for their works before sending the final layout for my approval. I'll also be adding a few of my own favorite picks of art as I come across them.
In the next few weeks I've agreed to a short video interview with The Story Teller once finished it'll be posted in the interview section of the site.
But finally after a turbulent transition between the old yeah and the new; I can finally return to what I love best--write, and yes I do have more than one projects going at the same time to beat down the boredom. So if you haven't visited us at the new site ask yourself, this question, what are you waiting on, tomorrow is already here.        

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Thanks for a Great Release

Thanks too all of you that stopped by to just say congratulation or to purchase the works. There are more exciting changes coming to in the near future in late Spring or early Summer.

Thanks again

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


There are only five more days until the release of Certosnia The Season of Tribulations Reserve your copy today on your favorite reading device.

As of this posting the works of David Rattler is not available on Kindle or Kindle unlimited 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Book Launch Celebration

We are excited about Certosina and on 2/22/2016 we will be hosting a book launch right here at we'd love it if you stop by and say hello. Also while your here get your copy of the Certosina via ebook or paperback. Sign up on the books2read link and never miss an upcoming release. You can even become a bata-reader and be the first to review and post comments about upcoming works (limits will apply)
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you

Web Coordinator

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Answer to the questions

Since I can't possibly answer each email personally I'll sent it through the communication feeds. The answer is no I did not leave Christianity wit malice and embrace Buddhism the actual point is I was never Christian. But I do feel a sense of sorrow for people of color that embraces the ideology putting religion over the human. They of all living things should know better. This is not to say that the ideology is invalid; all ideology has a validation linked somewhere in history. But it's the ponit inwhich a docrtine come to you that makes the difference in your lives. Christianity came to people of color including the Natives with a threat total hegemony over the human or death, with a promise of a paradise. And I in good conscious can not or will not be forced to believe a sky God that looks like them love me enough to save me from them? Wonder where that came from, think about it. Now that not to say Buddhism is perfect. But it does allow for the discovery of the human to travel the path to enlightenment without excuses of the lord is blessing you or the devil made me do it.

David Rattler