Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Answer to the questions

Since I can't possibly answer each email personally I'll sent it through the communication feeds. The answer is no I did not leave Christianity wit malice and embrace Buddhism the actual point is I was never Christian. But I do feel a sense of sorrow for people of color that embraces the ideology putting religion over the human. They of all living things should know better. This is not to say that the ideology is invalid; all ideology has a validation linked somewhere in history. But it's the ponit inwhich a docrtine come to you that makes the difference in your lives. Christianity came to people of color including the Natives with a threat total hegemony over the human or death, with a promise of a paradise. And I in good conscious can not or will not be forced to believe a sky God that looks like them love me enough to save me from them? Wonder where that came from, think about it. Now that not to say Buddhism is perfect. But it does allow for the discovery of the human to travel the path to enlightenment without excuses of the lord is blessing you or the devil made me do it.

David Rattler