Monday, March 21, 2016

An update regarding the site

In the next few weeks or so I'll add a page to the site for Graphic's since they so thoughtfully forgot to provide a space for their works before sending the final layout for my approval. I'll also be adding a few of my own favorite picks of art as I come across them.
In the next few weeks I've agreed to a short video interview with The Story Teller once finished it'll be posted in the interview section of the site.
But finally after a turbulent transition between the old yeah and the new; I can finally return to what I love best--write, and yes I do have more than one projects going at the same time to beat down the boredom. So if you haven't visited us at the new site ask yourself, this question, what are you waiting on, tomorrow is already here.        

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Thanks for a Great Release

Thanks too all of you that stopped by to just say congratulation or to purchase the works. There are more exciting changes coming to in the near future in late Spring or early Summer.

Thanks again