Thursday, May 26, 2016

New cover and note from the author

In the book world covers change as quickly as turning pages. I've approved a new cover for When Season's Change Book I The Season Series. This cover in my opinion is better suited for not only the work but the over all voice of the organization. We tell a different story, an undeniable, absolute truth about the world around us and the impact certain actions have on humanity itself. For the one that knows me, know I've never had breaks, and never will.
Recently I was in a literary discussion with a few people and the subject came up about creative control of your works. It's for better if an author self publish his/her works rather than let the publisher's bed wenches clip the nuts of it in order to make certain people remain comfortable in their fa├žade of innocence. My younger brother once said. "Those who fear death; are afraid to take a stand." He's absolutely correct, if you the creator allow others to have the controlling interest of the expressions of your words, than you in a sense are afraid to take a stand for your own essence and the stench of your cowardice will be all that left of your legacy when you close our eyes in death.

--David Rattler

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Graphs Design Page

Today we officially launched the graphic design page on and we look forward to hearing your comments concerning the art.
Also we will launch the interview page soon.

David Rattler