Monday, July 11, 2016

Message to The Black Man

for the past five years; myself and a few others have been conducting research into a different truth. What we found confirmed what we suspected. History shows us that whites now stand at the door of extinction. Since the day they crawled out the caves 6,000 years ago; everything they’ve done toward the destruction of people of colour has been ineffective. We adopt and over-come and rise. He created a god in the image was who he is, branded himself superior, enslaved, created Jim Crow and a financial system tailored around his greed, but yet through his scheming: manipulating, lying, and even burning the cross of the god he created; he is still powerless to prevent his own extinction.

In the 20’s you saw the rise of Marcus Garvey and Pan-Africanism and again whites found a way to crush that resistance. I’ve always found it strange; that, whites will scream go back to Africa, but each time we tried to leave the shored of stolen land; they stopped us
In the 50’s they introduced the well-fare system then informed black woman, Uncle Sam would pay their expensive with only one condition. There can be no adult black male in the house. This sit up a spiraling chain reaction of genocide for the black men. Now this is not to blame black women, they had no idea of the enemy’s tactics manipulative he was. But the reality, when black men weren’t stepping up and being what they were created to be she had no choice but to accept; but that’s not to blame black men for that either. The system created on a two tier system. As Uncle Sam was paying the expenses for black women, he was also making sure black men remained at every disadvantage he could think of; even going so far as to offer him his white women then quickly arresting, convicting, and imprisoning him for the gift he gave.

In 60’s you saw the rise of Martin King and Malcolm X; something they had to quickly crush through government contracted murders. In the 70’s you saw the rise of Bobby Seals, H, Rap Brown and Huey Newton, The Black Panther Party, and again not only did whites crushed the resistance but with carefully government negotiated deals with Latin drug lords he flooded minority communities with illegal drugs.  But then the unexpected happened, it spilled into his own neighborhoods, and he quickly called it an epidemic and declared a war on drugs.

Now in this new century he realizes the fight against his extinction is a losing battle and you see now a desperate attempt to preserve his very existence. Turn on your TV on every commercial what do you see. A white man and a black woman, but at the same time black men are being murdered in the streets for simply being black; again the genocide of black men is on the way. But this is Custer’s last stand and he knows in a few generations his kind is no more and not even his pale Jesus man can save him.
Everything he’s done in the past has failed him and this will fail him too. During recent marches I saw the bravest among us black woman stand with the fist of defiance raised high against armed whites trying to justify yet another murder of a black man they committed. I also saw brothers take a sister out of the hands of whites with guns and sat the fear in the eyes of whites. But look closely at the fear you see in their eyes it wasn't the fear of death, but the fear of the reflection of the God that he created has lose control and appeal to generations of melanin skinned people.

We’ve also seen in his last attempt at survival the most unbelievable lies told as truth, he plans, executes, and murders even his own kind and blame the brown people for their deaths. The firing of several Black Police Women for speaking out against his injustice only proves that he's in the last hour his desperation and his fear now grows to panic.
Black women from the dawn of our existence have been the Lioness of our culture. They have raised our children and ferociously defended them against all enemies; including at time even us. They have held the future of a people on their fragile brown shoulders and have sheltered us against every storm we as a people have encountered. Now brothers it our turn, it’s time to rise, it's time to get up and commit to the obligations we have to our black women. It's time to protect against all enemies, to comfort, cherish and uplift our beautiful brown and dark skin sisters who through it all have never left our sides.

—David Rattler  

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