Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Dawn of Sorrows Day

We here at Rattler Publishing; in lieu of celebrating and Independence Day will recognize it as The Dawn of Sorrows. In honor of both the author’s maternal and paternal linages, we have placed a black wreath on the door of the office and a yellow rose at the bottom. This will serves as a reminder to all who see it; the atrocities whites caused after gaining their freedom from Great Britain.
We will not remember or recognize white independence as an accomplishment but will instead remember the men, women, and even children at Wounded Knee that white soldiers gunned down in cold blood simply because they were Sioux; we will remember the fallen Aniyunwiya people on the trail of tears caused by white greed. We will also remember the African’s that arrived in chains on The Good Ship Jesus another example of white greed.
During this period of mourning Rattler Publishing, The Lair and its subsidiaries will sweep all traces of white independence from our global feeds and are urging all people of colour to do the same.   
Rattler Publishing


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