Monday, August 22, 2016



In their attempt to separate us from unity; they created a God in the image of who they are, and by doing so placed their own kind on a journey to extinction. They passed the Hegelian dialectic from generation to generation. The lexicon meant only to confuse and contain that which is uncontrollable by nature. Their illusion of God is to keep us spell bound in a state of mental slavery and to remain subservient to the image they created, and to hide in the shadows forever, we are the children of the sun, embraced by God’s perfect love for his first creation.
Out of blindness or sheer ignorance; with eyes painted on lids stitched shut; the blind with minds like whirling dervishes follows the ones without eyes, as if God was one of them. They lead the blind like lambs to the slaughter down pathway of chaos and self-loathing; always reminding them, look to the image and just believe; their journey ultimately ending in their insanity. But their God will never give the blind sight of its truth and will never ease the sorrows of the heads, hearts and minds; their ideologies should simply be ignored by us. Submission to their Faustian Bargain only binds us to the image they created and not the God of creation. We are born self-containing, all knowing; the perfect reflection of the creator and none can save us but ourselves.
Black, brown and bronze skin hated the world over because in each generation the one who cast a perfect image of himself is reborn only in us.
We have no need for your pale resuscitated Jesus man who died in two different months and still condemns us to this mental slavery. No need for your Abraham so willing to murder his own in search of the perfect love born in us. We have no need for your wise man Salomon who worshipped the God of his enemies and became an enemy to his own. We are the creation of the one who flung the stars across the heavens and every particle of light that illuminates the night sky and every ray of sunlight reflected off melanated skin reminds them of the terror in our awakening that signals their destruction. For every one of us killed by their guns and every tree that bore the strange fruit of our flesh, from out the womb of the sacred mother another is reborn a living witness to a different truth.
Their illusion of God; dissolved. We are awakened.
David Rattler

Up date and personal thanks

This is just to confirm the release of a new work is schedule for this upcoming autumn. The title of the work is not being released as of yet. But I'm excited about this new work as to date its the most challenging I've done and probably will ever do.
The video interview section of Rattler Publishing is moving along and should be launch during the same time as the release of the new work.
Thanks to everyone that help make the summer drive sale a success.

David Rattler