Friday, September 23, 2016

Featured Author's Page now open

Yesterday David approved the policy for the featured author page on  The page is set to launch at midnight 9/18/2016 and will feature the works of other independent authors.
There is no fee and Rattler Publishing does not require copies of the work only a description and link to where the work is sold.
If you work is sole through multiple distributors please provide only one link.
You must be an independently published author, your work must be published through an independent publisher and distributor and works must not be published or affiliated with a major publishing house (no exceptions).
If you would like to market your work through Rattler Publishing's feature indie author page.
All request must be sent to
(Do not use the contact us or service page on this site or your work will not be considered)
The expected time is  30 days but Rattler Publishing reserves the right to limit the amount of items on the page and the length of time the page will appear throughout our feeds.
  1. You must provide a jpg or png image of the work. The image must be at least 1,600 x 2,400 px and a description of the work as it appears on your authors page in the market place and  also a link to the distributor in the market place.
  2. If your work is an upcoming release provide a cover, indicate the launch date, and link when available.  We will make ever effort to help make your launch a success.
  3. If your work is already in circulation follow rule one.

For more information about this and other exciting events keep checking back to his page

Nasrene Mohammed
web coordinator/ Rattler Publishing   
Publication  date 9/11/2916

Promotional Page

Rattler Publishing Proudly announces the promotion page. This page will promote the products of people of colour, from healthy food items to herbs and spices for a healthier lifestyle. This page is not limited to food and recipes, but any product or organization  created by people of colour for people of colour that improves the unity of our people and has a positive impact on rebuilding, not only the outer structure of our communities, but ourselves both economically and spiritually.
This page will updated on a monthly bases and will feature now products and organization as they become available to Rattler Publishing.
Previous articles and links will be stored in the archives section

Publication  Date 9/22/2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Requested Banning of works

Rattler Publishing and The Lair have reached out to our global and especially our South African distributors to place band the works of Annelie Botes  
 Ursula Turray
Operations/ Rattler Publishing