Saturday, December 3, 2016

New Site launched. A word from David Rattler

After months of planning we've finally launched the new site. I'm extremely pleased with the crew for all their hard work on this project, especially Nasrene who single handed made in happen.
Rattler Publishing now moves into the next phase of it creation. We are poised to take an active role in the preservation of our cultural traditions, our arts, language, and spirituality, which; not only is an expression of our culture values, but it defines who we are as a people.
We've never accepted any European ideology of standards as higher and more civilized then our own ancient cultural standards and we never will. We are as ancient as the sand of time itself and no matter the conniving, the false ideologies imposed on us still we rise, we over come and we make miracles when there no hope in site.
I once said by ourselves alone we will define who we are; and today with the launch of the new site the idea has dawned and became the physical manifestation of our journey.
With this site we hope the bridge a gap between our people, build unity and self awareness of our importance, not to them, but to ourselves.
In a few weeks I'll release a video intro to the site and officially welcome you. We hope that you will join us because unity start not with me, but with us.
We've added a few new sections to the site and we hope you take advantage of this. We are looking to showcase the community programs that reflect a positive influence on our people, we'll showcase the works of independent minority authors, musicians and poets. Any creative art form that reflect a positive image of us as a people. We will also showcase, minority own business, and encourage people of colour to engage to help build our neighborhoods. We will in the near future showcase recipes from vegetarian to pastries that reflect our creativity.
In January we've planned to launch Gemini web-hosting.
For more information about our programs and Gemini contact us via the web.

We look forward to seeing you soon

David Rattler
Rattler Publishing

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