Saturday, December 2, 2017

Rattler Publishing website

On 2017/12/03 midnight EST the Rattler Publishing website will be offline for maintenance and realignment of c-panels in order to accommodate the upcoming MCR-Studio. All emails concerning Rattler Publishing are to be sent to until further notice. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Coming Changes

On Dec 3rd at midnight The Rattler Publishing website will be down. The Estimated time for realignment of the external c-panel and set up for MCR Studio is about three weeks.The will effect the emailing system of Rattler Publishing, and the Gemini sub-domain. Redirection and alignment on the Rattler Publishing platform is however imperative to accommodate the communication feeds of the upcoming MCR Studio. William Malisett will head the studio and design studio policy and operational procedures. Nasrene Muhammad will be contacting MCR Station Managers with instructions of the procedures which must be in concert with the policies William construct.     

The Rites of passage through the valley of death

Just before dawn David and Nasrene follow by the rest of us braved the cold to preform the ceremonial rite of pouring out libation in honor of the dead murdered by whites. Inside, while burning sage cleansing the environment of what David called their stench, outside we call the names of the dead as ask permission to proceed in the following year with specific plans. After the ceremony David said "For their living shall not ask forgiveness of us for the crimes their dead committed against us, they must enter the house of the dead and ask redemption of the dead" before returning back inside.
The 50yr old community activist/ artist and his Gemini will refuse both food and drink for the entire day in honor of the great fallen warriors of both sides of his linage.   

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Last nights meeting and a talk with Nasrene

Last night Nasrene Muhammad, David Rattler and Tammi Herichini of Gemini Website Design and Hosting met to discuss the upcoming changes to the C-Panel. It was decided they would close and external panel to realigned both local and global servers with The Gemini Matrix. David also announced a redesigning of their lock step philosophy and reexamination of the Symbology of The Lair.
On Dec 3rd the Rattler Publishing website will be down for maintenance as designers and technicians realign servers protocol and signals. This will cause minor interruptions to The Rattler Publishing emailing system but according to Nasrene the disruption is expected to minimal at best. She advises all email send to Rattler Publishing should be forward to until the realignment is complete; which is expected to take no more than a few days.
For the remainder of the week executives of both companies will meet is secrecy and discuss the upcoming plans.
It has been rumored of the concerns of the hierarchy of the foundation of Rattler Publishing. In it's creation it is written the co-owners shall be one melanated male and one melanated female and that both masculine and feminine energies must flow from the top down. And I suspect they will consider rewriting one of more of the articles and by-laws of the corporation to accommodate their constitution of forward motion.
To be honest I didn't know the complexities of Rattler Publishing and Gemini. One has to stand in awe of the existence of such an entity. The Symbology of The Lair, the Lock Step Philosophy, all indicates a passion to exceed and redesign the concepts of excellence itself.
Even the Rattler Publishing symbol the ax and the heart has a special meaning to all of them. I asked Nasrene what did it really mean and she stated "The ax is the symbol of death, because we slay our enemies with unmatched brutality, and we never leave an enemy to rise up against us, and the heart is the symbol of the passion we have for our own and not the others. Welcome to the Dawn as she pointed to a depiction of The Great Eagle and the Lion, the Symbology of when two great civilization collide."
I expect their tornadic whirlwind will move forward with a precision, a total annihilation of their enemies with extreme brutality which is written in the articles of Rattler Publishing and The Gemini.                   

Monday, November 20, 2017

No Regrets

I have no regrets of the experience and for the travelers with me on this journey I hope its been a funky ride.
To the Guardian, in your vast wisdom I was only a garbha selected to experience the Sunyata in you, in which everything came into existence. To love you, is to love you with a passion beyond passions.
To the Star Gazer, the dreamer, the keeper of mysterious so untold; ours is a fragile world trapped between realities and in your beautiful is creation.
And to The Gemini,you cleansed and recreated me with waters of your eternal fountain; you lit the pathway and defeated the monsters of the night.
The journey continues.
Welcome to the Dawn

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The End of an Era has come by his own choice.

Tonight in Hartford Connecticut David Rattler of Rattler Publishing ended the autumn tours. The 50yr old controversial community activist, organizer, artist, ends the era at a pack house and to a standing ovation. In what will be considered the most explosive speech of the century, the artist did say he wouldn't retreat completely retreat from public speaking but would only speak at select venues. When asked why he responded by saying "as all things we too must evolve and embrace the next evolution" Tomorrow Rattler Publishing returns to Bangor Maine for a day of rest and then on to New Finland for a corporate retreat with Rattler Publishing and Gemini Management. The owners of the two companies then will retreat to discuss the next evolution of Rattler Publishing, Gemini and Melanated Community Radio.
Since unofficial leaks surfaced early in the tour this may the final autumn tour and the last time Rattler Publishing will tour, more engagements were added, and the major concern quickly became not only keep David safe but healthy as well. Although; he has lost a considerable amount weight he's remained in good health, but is in desperate need of the upcoming retreat.
Setti Ali head of Rattler Publishing Ground Security Said: My biggest worry has always been the death threats, but truth about people of colour has always has a way of pissing whites off any way. But despite the threats and even attempts from known enemies, we pushed back with a veracity, a defying challenge and a brutality not even they expected from us. Over the past years its been a privilege and an honor to guard the man that gave me a second chance."
Ursula Turray President of Rattler Publishing said: "Its always sad but I worry that he feels the tours has little impact on people of colour, but was please he decided not to continue this part of the journey"
Nasrene Muhammad VP & Co-Owner of Rattler Publishing and Gemini said: "Its been a long journey to this point. At first it was only him, then it was us, and it always amazes me the strength, power, and passion he has, but I'm sure the journey will continue."
Stephen Crichton Chief Operations Officer of Rattler Publishing said: "For a man that's put his heart and soul in uplifting people of colour; I'am overwhelmingly honored to have been a part of the journey" 
William Malisett Executive Officer of Rattler Publishing said: "Despite all the creditable death threats exposed by Rattler Publishing, physical and cyber security; it's like enormous weight has been lifted from me knowing I didn't capture his assassination on film."
Tonight was the first time Gemini executives attended the speech and there wasn't a dry eyes among them. I must agree with Nasrene about the ending of an era, but I must also agree with David that we must not become stagnated but must evolve into the next evolution of our existence.
I have know David for thirty years, I have watch a 19yr old transform and mature into a inspiration for many people, some he will never know their names or meet personally, but all caught up in his whirlwind in some form or another.
I once asked him what is this magic you possess? and he said. "Welcome to the Beautiful"
Recalling how I met him 30 yrs ago he is a comet leaving a beautiful fiery trail across the night sky, and although we know the comet will be gone in dawn's light, the experience leaves you changed forever.
I love you old friend and welcome to the dawn of the next evolution. 
Anujia Hatal 


Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Saturday Meeting

In Saturday's meeting Nasrene expressed a concern about MCR going stagnate like things so often do. I understand her fear people of colour does have a tendency of becoming comfortable at a temporary harbor and often times fail to complete the journey. The only way to avoid this is an ever increasing expansion into the unknown, so stay tune for the next evolution. We must constantly evolve and revise the concepts and philosophies of MCR. Changing philosophies into concepts, redesigning the lock step matrix and creating new philosophies and developing them into workable concepts with a checks and balances.
But we must also understand the indoctrination of the mind the last chain of the peculiar institution that says to wait must be broken and have a small amount of patience and endurance.
We are closing an external C-Panel but that will not effect the operations of MCR or Rattler Publishing or Gemini mailing systems.
Gemini had approved the new The Global Community Portal layout. The GCP will undergo a major change in appearance and will be accessible form the website in the near future. Station Manager are to encourage program host to place all MCR Projects on the GCP for the investors to view and comment on. (No Exceptions and no excuses will be allowed) I am not a man that repeats past idiosyncrasies. MCR Station Manager are to create an operational policy that work in concert with Rattler Publishing and Gemini operational policies and must be the driving force of the project.       

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Developments at MCR

In recent days since the new site has launched, David and Nasrene has been aggressively moving forward with the next evolution of Melanated Community Radio. New Ads are to appear for the GCP, Gemini, Rattler Publishing, and upcoming programs. The scheduling for Cultural Music has been approved for prime time and between schedule programs. Late night music will consist of the agreement Rattler Publishing has signed with other radio station around the country and world. The Jamaican connection crashed and has to be reprogrammed but I am assured Gemini Tech's are working on it.
I have asked William to lay out a programming matrix for late night music, based on Stephen's numbers of hits on the servers.
David and Nasrene are still unsure if they will devote a space on the station for the Story Teller or let the station Managers decide if that person is to have a space on the station or will the station managers schedule and upload the times.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Saturday's Meeting

In Saturday's meeting we discussed the consolidating of Melanated Community Radio website and The Rattler Publishing site. An analysis of feasibility will began in a few days. The merger and or closing of an external C-Panel will depend on the results of the study. But we are committed to the closing of an external panel for the MCR Sound Studio. William Malliset will be in change of the MCR Studio and that's where all the raw material of MCR program will be sent for editing and uploading to the station for program Host. Station Managers can send commercials and ads for editing. The studio is not for re-engineering music for the Cultural Music Department. When sound comes to the Cultural Music department, and is cleared for broadcasting, it will be uploaded in the form it arrived.
Nasrene and Stephen are working on new tags for the station in an attempt to make it easier for program host and station manager to upload and schedule more accurately on the board.
We are pleased with he new look of the site, which I suspect will be changing the next time Will gets inspired. We also discussed the fate of MCR-Malawi and according to the Station Manager Malawi is still experiencing blackouts much like Nigeria we will continue to wait as the story unfolds.     

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Clearing up some confusion of the closing of a C-Panel

When we announcement of the closing of a C-Panel, we were instantly inundated with email regarding Gemini services. Well rest assure Gemini will not be changing. Gemini operated on a different network and the closing of this C-Panel will not effect Gemini.
We're talking about an internal panel that conducts some of Rattler Publishing applications. But we feel it necessary to not to permanently close the panel but more like redesign it to better serve the upcoming MCR-Studio. Now we are considering the closure of an external panel that house the Rattler Publishing website, and we're looking at the possibility of combining MCR and Rattler Publishing, but the answer to that is for minds greater then mine to figure out.    

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Changes on the Horizon

In the Saturday morning meeting with the staff of Rattler Publishing. I put a motion on the floor to close a C-Panel in order to conserve server space and this change would effect MCR mailing system. The final decision will be made during the last of November or about the first week in December. And those changes will allow us to consolidate the emailing system into a more streamline system. We contemplating a separation between Graphics and the all new MCR Studio where all audio program files for pre-recorded programs are to be sent for editing and uploading. This address will be directly connected to MCR instead of Rattler Publishing. This change will also effect the Music Controller office as well. Gemini addresses will remain the same  

Previously Broadcast Programs on Melanated Community Radio

If you missed the programs on MCR this week it not too late to catch up. Log on to httpss;// for previously broadcast programs on Sundays from 12:00pm 6:00pm

Only on Melanated Community Radio

Previously Broadcast Programs

If you missed the programs on MCR this week it not too late to catch up. Log on to httpss;// for previously broadcast programs on Sundays from 12:00pm 6:00pm  

The core purpose of MCR

I read the post by Anujia about the complexities of our Lock Step Philosophy and forward motion. That's the core philosophy of all things Rattler Publishing. I'm confident you'll be just fine on the journey  That's the reason why the MCR is structured the way it is. Station Manager's were selected that didn't have previous broadcasting experience, but were given all the tools to make it work, its out side the box thinking. There is no I in team and no only me in we. If you come with the same mentality that has gotten you no where over the years, or religious ideologies that has failed us as a people for eons then your not building a community, you're building a ghetto, and we got enough of them. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

My Scary first night of programming cultural music

I must admit Melanated Community Radio servers operating on the Rattler Publishing network was a little intimidating; so many servers, so many different codes that's not in the book. I knew that Rattler Publishing and Gemini is where creativity and innovation is the cornerstone, but had no idea of the actual complexities involved in their lock-step philosophy of forward motion.  But as nervous as I was about pushing the keys on the computer, I think I did a pretty good job. So now that my hands have stop shaking, my mind has stopped racing, and I've taken a few deep breath, I know I'll get better as time goes on.
Thank again for the opportunity to take this journey with you.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

New Direction

Rattler Publishing is moving in a new direction. We are contemplating combining The Rattler Publishing website with The Melanated Community Radio site. This will enable us to better serves both companies more efficiently. Although the MCR site is being redesigned, the old on is still up and running. We've, however received notice the player on the MCR site appears to be invisible on google chrome, on the desktop, but appears to work fine on tablet and phone, I'd recommend using Edge or Opera if possible.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Up Date The Social Media Question

In Saturday meeting at Rattler Publishing David and Nasrene concluded that Rattler Publishing and Gemini will not buy ads through social media outlets. i.e facebook, twitter, reddit….etc. Both David and Nasrene see the platform as playing to the white agenda by controlling minority activist through censoring their commentary about racism under the guise of hidden policies that we believe don’t exist. So by definition Rattler Publishing  concluded platforms like those do more damage to our Melanated movement than good. 
The platforms are viewed on the Rattler Publishing Platform as a courteous curiosity of Rattler Publishing, but not a necessity to our global communications platform and we reserve right to terminate such platforms without prior notice or warning.   

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Expanding the infrastructure and becoming more defined

A decision was made late yesterday to expand the infrastructure of Melanated Community Radio. The new platform will enable us to assign station managers. This managers will be responsible for assigning host to various approved programs. We will officially announce the host at a later date, we've also decided to change to launch time to June. Time (TBA).
We feel that giving out once host, now station managers will give the project a greater chance of success and we hope you the listener will join us and contribute to the station and the programs. This project isn't about Rattler Publishing or even the managers and host, but this project is geared toward finding logical, long term sustainable solutions to the problems we face every day as people of colour.
The station will cover building economic empowerment, by rebuilding strong minority communities, violence both external and internal, literacy, spirituality, (NOT RELIGION) health and wellness, relationships, and much more.
Thank you for you patience and as we move to the next evolutions in the Rattler Publishing journey toward total enlightenment we hope you'll join us an make this project a success. Remember there is no I in we.

David Rattler
Rattler Publishing  

Monday, May 1, 2017


Rattler Publishing has moved to expand the infrastructure of Rattler Publishing International. We will move forward with the construction a consolidated platform which will give us greater flexibility for future projects. This would provide heightened security and an inclusiveness across multiple communication platforms. With the upcoming launch of Melanated Community Radio the need for this drastic expansion has never been in more demand.
As we advance in this unknown, unpredictable terrain we are fully aware of the difficulties ahead. We are also fully aware of the future attacks by our enemies and will respond counter offensively.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Ideas, thoughts, and fears

Although we stand on the eve of a launch one has to ponder a different reality of the moment. Hopes and fears flout inside the mind like wayward debris traveling on an ocean wave bound for no where. The start up of each project is different, some more arduous then others; but this project will either be our greatest triumph or our greatest failure.
Today is melancholy, it feels as if time has suspended, there is no air, just a vast emptiness, that feeling you get right before something happens. But this is a journey, and I'd like to think it'll be a funky ride til the end.   

Sunday, March 26, 2017


During the usual staff meeting on 2/25/17 we all agreed it is time to offer Gemini to the general public, the project has successfully passed ever scenario we could imagine and is scheduled to launch next month.
Myself along with Nasrene and Ursula also approved to secure the ULR and SSL for Melanated Comminuty Radio which is set to launch in May of this year.   

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Advertising on the MCR platform

If you are a minority business and are interested in advertising your business on the upcoming Melanated Community Radio Station, or just interested in sponsoring a program on the MCR platform please send you request to

The purpose of Melaneted Community Radio

MCR is the next evolution of Rattler Publishing's philosophy of by ourselves along; redefining who we are. MCR will connect melanated people on a global scale, too not only discuss, but to find and implement long term sustainable solutions to the problems we face in economic, politics, relationships, health and wellness, just to name a few. 
We are embarking on a journey in which unity, self-love and conscious awareness of the world around us must be the corner stone of our success. Each of us has a duty to connect with other melaneted communities and fashion a unique bond of oneness that contributes to the advancement of our global community.
For many of us this will be no less than an awakening to a different dawn. What we do today on this journey will manifest itself and produce an unforeseen awakening and enlightenment of melanated people never seen before, so who are we?
We are the children of the sun. 
Welcome to the Dawn

Monday, February 20, 2017

Up date on Gemini

To: The Gemini Administration
From: Ursula Turray
Rattler Publishing
This morning a decision was reached to grant Gemini an operational license. Gemini is considered a division of Rattler Publishing Limited. We have no interest in controlling daily operations, but Gemini will be governed and monitored by Rattler Publishing. We reserve the right to suspend and or revoke operational license at any time, with or without notice, but only after a full investigation and review of any violations of The Lair. Rattler Publishing Communication or Rattler Publishing Media Limited. Gemini must maintain the highest standards in accordance with the Lair which is the core ideology of The Rattler Publishing Network. 
Gemini is a full service website design, web hosting company and is responsible for its daily operations, budgeting customer service and maintenance of its servers. 
Under the agreement of operations the Gemini servers will be inspections by Rattler Publishing technicians on a quarterly bases, and Gemini will provide Rattler Publishing with a weekly log of progress or failures. Those reports will come under the review of the Rattler Publishing administration every six months and full review two week prier to license renewal. Rattler Publishing may again grant Gemini the privilege of operation under the Rattler Publishing name, but reserves the rights to grant a full license, a reduced licenses with partial operations with and or without limits.

Ursula Turray
Rattler Publishing

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Coming Soon Melanated Community Radio

In recent months we're seen the need for intervention and are creating an online radio station. We're calling it Melanated Community Radio. One People; One voice. We hope to launch this project about mid to late March. The purpose of this venture is to connect people of colour around the world. But this is not your typical outlet, we are not promoting the same looking for a savior dogma. We are actively identifying problems that plague our community but seek to find logical, long term sustainable solutions to those problems. Our focus will be on building economics empowerment strategy's, identifying and deactivating the power of our true enemies, identifying the improving our lifestyles, reconnecting with our lost spirituality and sexuality. Melanated Community Radio is a for us by us company. We will not consider the plight of white issues and concepts as they pertain to our being, nor will we entertain any concept that promotes white victimization due to our rising and rediscovering this different truth of ourselves.

"By ourselves along; we are redefining who we are"
                                                            David Ratter

MCR is a division of The Rattler Publishing Network      

Monday, February 13, 2017

Gemini Project and Online Radio Station

The Gemini platform is operational but I have decided to delay the launch until March to be more inline with future plans for an online radio station. With the launch of the online radio station also scheduled for a March release. With the release of the radio station we will discontinue the community and political sections of the site and broadcast up to date information to our listeners along with live interviews. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

The U.S. government poisons Africans in Illinois and Indiana!

The U.S. government poisons Africans in Illinois and Indiana!: In Chicago, Illinois and East Chicago, Indiana, hundreds of poor working class Africans are being relocated by by the State after alarmingly high levels of lead in soil has been revealed. 
The extent of the lead contamination came as a shock to the African community, due to the dangers of the past presence of a huge former U.S.S. lead smelting plant being kept from the them. 
The African communities of Illinois and Chicago are well aware of the effects of lead poisoning which Flint’s Africans are struggling with. They are also fearful and demanding answers as to why the government did not inform them of the severity of the soil toxicity much sooner.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Official Launch of the History page

Today Rattler Publishing officially launches the history page and we make no apologies for the content depicted.
The History Page

Friday, January 20, 2017

Redefining who we are

OK its time to kick come knowledge. We as people of colour must move away from all stereotypical concepts that whites has labeled us as. The word black is the first one that comes to mind. We need to stop calling ourselves black people because the word black disconnects you from a culture and aligns you with only a colour. To say he or she is black, is a negative connotation and disrespect your linage but in their eyes it allows them to group us together as one people making it easier for any one of us to carry the blame for anything that reminds them of their inferiority and your superiority. But since you've heard it so much you've adopt it in everyday language like any other seemingly harmless derogatory expressions never researching its etymology to discover their true meaning.
The next thing is the phrase "I have white friends" that's the biggest damn lie i ever heard. You got white posing as friends is what you got, You have to remember when you look at white history on any land mass they set foot, physical, cultural and spiritual deaths occurred with deadly efficiency. Because, no matter the lies told, the promises made at the end of the day the purpose of that white is for a white and in its eyes your just that a black. Now black women your starting to get on the band wagon with the white women's lib ideologies about Trump being a pussy grabber, but when the Oklahoma Cop was raping you while on duty, how many Beckey's stood up for you....let me answer that, not one. See it didn't matter about you being raped, but oh my god he grabbed Becky's pussy and the heavens must pause for that crime. Do you see sisters those so called white women you calling friends are nothing more than agents whose sole purpose is to further destroy your connection with a real heritage by adopting their valueless concepts of their failed humanity.
Brothers same damn thing, there's no way in hell your going to convince me your enlightened to who you are by saying white women treat you better. That a damn lie and you know it. The truth of the matter is, you been beaten down so until you don;t see the beauty dedication and loyalty of the sisters. They've been there all the time, and it a disservice to all they have done for the community and you know with a Becky on your arms you got the widest shit-eating grim on our face like you found El Dorado, when in reality; you got something your enemy don't even want as a bed wench that why you got her. And if the brother got money even better, it trickles back into pale hands.
So I'm asking you to stop; just for a moment and think how desegregation has meant the desecration of who we are as a people and change direction.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A note from David

As we go forward in these uncertain times let us not forget the failures of the past, let us not forget the failed hope and the spilled blood of that failed hope. Let us not forget the beginning of the Nazi's that came to power in Germany and the genocide that followed. Also let us not forget what The American Furhrer has said about the Mexicans and Arabs as well.
Let us also not forget the ass lickers that has abandoned their own human dignity and gathered at his feet like slaves praying to the Jesus man for crumbs to fall from their Massa's table.
For those of us that are awakened to a different truth we have abandoned all idea of liberation through amalgamating with what has, time and time again proven to be the enemy of humanity itself and expect nothing but lies and aggression from those that would rather see us die than to see us fly. They can expect the same courtesy.

David Rattler      

The Gemini Project

During the Saturday morning meeting Nasrene Muhammed gave a progress report of the Gemini Project. The creation of the interface is nearly complete and entering the testing phases, but Nasrene said more time is need to ensure a flawless operation from access to finish. She requested Rattler Publishing delay launch date until 2/15/2017 to allow for the testing phase.
After listening to the report David and the entire admin agreed with Nasrene.
Ursula Turray President of Rattler Publishing ordered a complete review of the exchange policies of the subsidiary company Gemini.
Stephen Hennington Marketing laid out the marketing plan for Gemini and predicted that Gemini on its present trajectory would play a major role in the Rattler Publishing family forward motion.
William Mallisett Graphic Design gave a complete report on the progress of upcoming projects, he said it moving slow, especially the video and film section, but he predicts the first finished project will be coming soon.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Update from Rattler Publishing

We are confident the Gemini project is on schedule for launch to see what else was discussed this afternoon meeting log on to and go to the news section of the site. Also updates about the upcoming release.  

Sunday, January 1, 2017


One can only look to the heavens and ponder is the answer written in the stare, or are we just some strange experiment gone array.  I believed we took a break from the upcoming fears over the Christmas holiday but as the new approached the old returned like a haunting that never really left, but was only asleep somewhere in the corridors of our minds. None can predict the future except those that have a secret plan for the future and even then it usually fails. As people of colour walk uneasily into this new beginning, preparing for another battle with the same enemy; and although their eyes are laced with hope, their heart hang low with a different reality. Some but not all I believe are still a sleep but many are awake and sit silently watching.
Last night while the crew watched the fireworks and joined in the cheers; I stood in the shadows of humanity watching not the man made chaos, but the stillness of the stares and at the secrets yet to unfold and then I saw an alternate ending.

Updated in Community and Political sections

Outlook For the New year/ Forwarded Post from Rattler Publishing

Last night as we watched the fire works and the new year ushered in we couldn't help but think about the people of colour murdered by whites and the injustice that followed their deaths. Although; we hope for a better year; we refused to surrender to the belief things will be different after so long we struggle against the same enemy for the same reason. We feel however; this year does marks a turning point  in the continuum and Rattler Publishing will maintain our course, we will continue to redesign the landscape, pushing toward greater heights within ourselves.

Welcome to the Dawn
                                                                                                               Nasrene Muhammed
                                                                                                                Rattler Publishing