Monday, January 30, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Official Launch of the History page

Today Rattler Publishing officially launches the history page and we make no apologies for the content depicted.
The History Page

Friday, January 20, 2017

Redefining who we are

OK its time to kick come knowledge. We as people of colour must move away from all stereotypical concepts that whites has labeled us as. The word black is the first one that comes to mind. We need to stop calling ourselves black people because the word black disconnects you from a culture and aligns you with only a colour. To say he or she is black, is a negative connotation and disrespect your linage but in their eyes it allows them to group us together as one people making it easier for any one of us to carry the blame for anything that reminds them of their inferiority and your superiority. But since you've heard it so much you've adopt it in everyday language like any other seemingly harmless derogatory expressions never researching its etymology to discover their true meaning.
The next thing is the phrase "I have white friends" that's the biggest damn lie i ever heard. You got white posing as friends is what you got, You have to remember when you look at white history on any land mass they set foot, physical, cultural and spiritual deaths occurred with deadly efficiency. Because, no matter the lies told, the promises made at the end of the day the purpose of that white is for a white and in its eyes your just that a black. Now black women your starting to get on the band wagon with the white women's lib ideologies about Trump being a pussy grabber, but when the Oklahoma Cop was raping you while on duty, how many Beckey's stood up for you....let me answer that, not one. See it didn't matter about you being raped, but oh my god he grabbed Becky's pussy and the heavens must pause for that crime. Do you see sisters those so called white women you calling friends are nothing more than agents whose sole purpose is to further destroy your connection with a real heritage by adopting their valueless concepts of their failed humanity.
Brothers same damn thing, there's no way in hell your going to convince me your enlightened to who you are by saying white women treat you better. That a damn lie and you know it. The truth of the matter is, you been beaten down so until you don;t see the beauty dedication and loyalty of the sisters. They've been there all the time, and it a disservice to all they have done for the community and you know with a Becky on your arms you got the widest shit-eating grim on our face like you found El Dorado, when in reality; you got something your enemy don't even want as a bed wench that why you got her. And if the brother got money even better, it trickles back into pale hands.
So I'm asking you to stop; just for a moment and think how desegregation has meant the desecration of who we are as a people and change direction.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A note from David

As we go forward in these uncertain times let us not forget the failures of the past, let us not forget the failed hope and the spilled blood of that failed hope. Let us not forget the beginning of the Nazi's that came to power in Germany and the genocide that followed. Also let us not forget what The American Furhrer has said about the Mexicans and Arabs as well.
Let us also not forget the ass lickers that has abandoned their own human dignity and gathered at his feet like slaves praying to the Jesus man for crumbs to fall from their Massa's table.
For those of us that are awakened to a different truth we have abandoned all idea of liberation through amalgamating with what has, time and time again proven to be the enemy of humanity itself and expect nothing but lies and aggression from those that would rather see us die than to see us fly. They can expect the same courtesy.

David Rattler      

The Gemini Project

During the Saturday morning meeting Nasrene Muhammed gave a progress report of the Gemini Project. The creation of the interface is nearly complete and entering the testing phases, but Nasrene said more time is need to ensure a flawless operation from access to finish. She requested Rattler Publishing delay launch date until 2/15/2017 to allow for the testing phase.
After listening to the report David and the entire admin agreed with Nasrene.
Ursula Turray President of Rattler Publishing ordered a complete review of the exchange policies of the subsidiary company Gemini.
Stephen Hennington Marketing laid out the marketing plan for Gemini and predicted that Gemini on its present trajectory would play a major role in the Rattler Publishing family forward motion.
William Mallisett Graphic Design gave a complete report on the progress of upcoming projects, he said it moving slow, especially the video and film section, but he predicts the first finished project will be coming soon.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Update from Rattler Publishing

We are confident the Gemini project is on schedule for launch to see what else was discussed this afternoon meeting log on to and go to the news section of the site. Also updates about the upcoming release.  

Sunday, January 1, 2017


One can only look to the heavens and ponder is the answer written in the stare, or are we just some strange experiment gone array.  I believed we took a break from the upcoming fears over the Christmas holiday but as the new approached the old returned like a haunting that never really left, but was only asleep somewhere in the corridors of our minds. None can predict the future except those that have a secret plan for the future and even then it usually fails. As people of colour walk uneasily into this new beginning, preparing for another battle with the same enemy; and although their eyes are laced with hope, their heart hang low with a different reality. Some but not all I believe are still a sleep but many are awake and sit silently watching.
Last night while the crew watched the fireworks and joined in the cheers; I stood in the shadows of humanity watching not the man made chaos, but the stillness of the stares and at the secrets yet to unfold and then I saw an alternate ending.

Updated in Community and Political sections

Outlook For the New year/ Forwarded Post from Rattler Publishing

Last night as we watched the fire works and the new year ushered in we couldn't help but think about the people of colour murdered by whites and the injustice that followed their deaths. Although; we hope for a better year; we refused to surrender to the belief things will be different after so long we struggle against the same enemy for the same reason. We feel however; this year does marks a turning point  in the continuum and Rattler Publishing will maintain our course, we will continue to redesign the landscape, pushing toward greater heights within ourselves.

Welcome to the Dawn
                                                                                                               Nasrene Muhammed
                                                                                                                Rattler Publishing