Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Advertising on the MCR platform

If you are a minority business and are interested in advertising your business on the upcoming Melanated Community Radio Station, or just interested in sponsoring a program on the MCR platform please send you request to

The purpose of Melaneted Community Radio

MCR is the next evolution of Rattler Publishing's philosophy of by ourselves along; redefining who we are. MCR will connect melanated people on a global scale, too not only discuss, but to find and implement long term sustainable solutions to the problems we face in economic, politics, relationships, health and wellness, just to name a few. 
We are embarking on a journey in which unity, self-love and conscious awareness of the world around us must be the corner stone of our success. Each of us has a duty to connect with other melaneted communities and fashion a unique bond of oneness that contributes to the advancement of our global community.
For many of us this will be no less than an awakening to a different dawn. What we do today on this journey will manifest itself and produce an unforeseen awakening and enlightenment of melanated people never seen before, so who are we?
We are the children of the sun. 
Welcome to the Dawn

Monday, February 20, 2017

Up date on Gemini

To: The Gemini Administration
From: Ursula Turray
Rattler Publishing
This morning a decision was reached to grant Gemini an operational license. Gemini is considered a division of Rattler Publishing Limited. We have no interest in controlling daily operations, but Gemini will be governed and monitored by Rattler Publishing. We reserve the right to suspend and or revoke operational license at any time, with or without notice, but only after a full investigation and review of any violations of The Lair. Rattler Publishing Communication or Rattler Publishing Media Limited. Gemini must maintain the highest standards in accordance with the Lair which is the core ideology of The Rattler Publishing Network. 
Gemini is a full service website design, web hosting company and is responsible for its daily operations, budgeting customer service and maintenance of its servers. 
Under the agreement of operations the Gemini servers will be inspections by Rattler Publishing technicians on a quarterly bases, and Gemini will provide Rattler Publishing with a weekly log of progress or failures. Those reports will come under the review of the Rattler Publishing administration every six months and full review two week prier to license renewal. Rattler Publishing may again grant Gemini the privilege of operation under the Rattler Publishing name, but reserves the rights to grant a full license, a reduced licenses with partial operations with and or without limits.

Ursula Turray
Rattler Publishing

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Coming Soon Melanated Community Radio

In recent months we're seen the need for intervention and are creating an online radio station. We're calling it Melanated Community Radio. One People; One voice. We hope to launch this project about mid to late March. The purpose of this venture is to connect people of colour around the world. But this is not your typical outlet, we are not promoting the same looking for a savior dogma. We are actively identifying problems that plague our community but seek to find logical, long term sustainable solutions to those problems. Our focus will be on building economics empowerment strategy's, identifying and deactivating the power of our true enemies, identifying the improving our lifestyles, reconnecting with our lost spirituality and sexuality. Melanated Community Radio is a for us by us company. We will not consider the plight of white issues and concepts as they pertain to our being, nor will we entertain any concept that promotes white victimization due to our rising and rediscovering this different truth of ourselves.

"By ourselves along; we are redefining who we are"
                                                            David Ratter

MCR is a division of The Rattler Publishing Network      

Monday, February 13, 2017

Gemini Project and Online Radio Station

The Gemini platform is operational but I have decided to delay the launch until March to be more inline with future plans for an online radio station. With the launch of the online radio station also scheduled for a March release. With the release of the radio station we will discontinue the community and political sections of the site and broadcast up to date information to our listeners along with live interviews. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

The U.S. government poisons Africans in Illinois and Indiana!

The U.S. government poisons Africans in Illinois and Indiana!: In Chicago, Illinois and East Chicago, Indiana, hundreds of poor working class Africans are being relocated by by the State after alarmingly high levels of lead in soil has been revealed. 
The extent of the lead contamination came as a shock to the African community, due to the dangers of the past presence of a huge former U.S.S. lead smelting plant being kept from the them. 
The African communities of Illinois and Chicago are well aware of the effects of lead poisoning which Flint’s Africans are struggling with. They are also fearful and demanding answers as to why the government did not inform them of the severity of the soil toxicity much sooner.