Saturday, February 18, 2017

Coming Soon Melanated Community Radio

In recent months we're seen the need for intervention and are creating an online radio station. We're calling it Melanated Community Radio. One People; One voice. We hope to launch this project about mid to late March. The purpose of this venture is to connect people of colour around the world. But this is not your typical outlet, we are not promoting the same looking for a savior dogma. We are actively identifying problems that plague our community but seek to find logical, long term sustainable solutions to those problems. Our focus will be on building economics empowerment strategy's, identifying and deactivating the power of our true enemies, identifying the improving our lifestyles, reconnecting with our lost spirituality and sexuality. Melanated Community Radio is a for us by us company. We will not consider the plight of white issues and concepts as they pertain to our being, nor will we entertain any concept that promotes white victimization due to our rising and rediscovering this different truth of ourselves.

"By ourselves along; we are redefining who we are"
                                                            David Ratter

MCR is a division of The Rattler Publishing Network      

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