Monday, February 20, 2017

Up date on Gemini

To: The Gemini Administration
From: Ursula Turray
Rattler Publishing
This morning a decision was reached to grant Gemini an operational license. Gemini is considered a division of Rattler Publishing Limited. We have no interest in controlling daily operations, but Gemini will be governed and monitored by Rattler Publishing. We reserve the right to suspend and or revoke operational license at any time, with or without notice, but only after a full investigation and review of any violations of The Lair. Rattler Publishing Communication or Rattler Publishing Media Limited. Gemini must maintain the highest standards in accordance with the Lair which is the core ideology of The Rattler Publishing Network. 
Gemini is a full service website design, web hosting company and is responsible for its daily operations, budgeting customer service and maintenance of its servers. 
Under the agreement of operations the Gemini servers will be inspections by Rattler Publishing technicians on a quarterly bases, and Gemini will provide Rattler Publishing with a weekly log of progress or failures. Those reports will come under the review of the Rattler Publishing administration every six months and full review two week prier to license renewal. Rattler Publishing may again grant Gemini the privilege of operation under the Rattler Publishing name, but reserves the rights to grant a full license, a reduced licenses with partial operations with and or without limits.

Ursula Turray
Rattler Publishing

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