Sunday, May 14, 2017

Expanding the infrastructure and becoming more defined

A decision was made late yesterday to expand the infrastructure of Melanated Community Radio. The new platform will enable us to assign station managers. This managers will be responsible for assigning host to various approved programs. We will officially announce the host at a later date, we've also decided to change to launch time to June. Time (TBA).
We feel that giving out once host, now station managers will give the project a greater chance of success and we hope you the listener will join us and contribute to the station and the programs. This project isn't about Rattler Publishing or even the managers and host, but this project is geared toward finding logical, long term sustainable solutions to the problems we face every day as people of colour.
The station will cover building economic empowerment, by rebuilding strong minority communities, violence both external and internal, literacy, spirituality, (NOT RELIGION) health and wellness, relationships, and much more.
Thank you for you patience and as we move to the next evolutions in the Rattler Publishing journey toward total enlightenment we hope you'll join us an make this project a success. Remember there is no I in we.

David Rattler
Rattler Publishing  

Monday, May 1, 2017


Rattler Publishing has moved to expand the infrastructure of Rattler Publishing International. We will move forward with the construction a consolidated platform which will give us greater flexibility for future projects. This would provide heightened security and an inclusiveness across multiple communication platforms. With the upcoming launch of Melanated Community Radio the need for this drastic expansion has never been in more demand.
As we advance in this unknown, unpredictable terrain we are fully aware of the difficulties ahead. We are also fully aware of the future attacks by our enemies and will respond counter offensively.