Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Developments at MCR

In recent days since the new site has launched, David and Nasrene has been aggressively moving forward with the next evolution of Melanated Community Radio. New Ads are to appear for the GCP, Gemini, Rattler Publishing, and upcoming programs. The scheduling for Cultural Music has been approved for prime time and between schedule programs. Late night music will consist of the agreement Rattler Publishing has signed with other radio station around the country and world. The Jamaican connection crashed and has to be reprogrammed but I am assured Gemini Tech's are working on it.
I have asked William to lay out a programming matrix for late night music, based on Stephen's numbers of hits on the servers.
David and Nasrene are still unsure if they will devote a space on the station for the Story Teller or let the station Managers decide if that person is to have a space on the station or will the station managers schedule and upload the times.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Saturday's Meeting

In Saturday's meeting we discussed the consolidating of Melanated Community Radio website and The Rattler Publishing site. An analysis of feasibility will began in a few days. The merger and or closing of an external C-Panel will depend on the results of the study. But we are committed to the closing of an external panel for the MCR Sound Studio. William Malliset will be in change of the MCR Studio and that's where all the raw material of MCR program will be sent for editing and uploading to the station for program Host. Station Managers can send commercials and ads for editing. The studio is not for re-engineering music for the Cultural Music Department. When sound comes to the Cultural Music department, and is cleared for broadcasting, it will be uploaded in the form it arrived.
Nasrene and Stephen are working on new tags for the station in an attempt to make it easier for program host and station manager to upload and schedule more accurately on the board.
We are pleased with he new look of the site, which I suspect will be changing the next time Will gets inspired. We also discussed the fate of MCR-Malawi and according to the Station Manager Malawi is still experiencing blackouts much like Nigeria we will continue to wait as the story unfolds.     

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Clearing up some confusion of the closing of a C-Panel

When we announcement of the closing of a C-Panel, we were instantly inundated with email regarding Gemini services. Well rest assure Gemini will not be changing. Gemini operated on a different network and the closing of this C-Panel will not effect Gemini.
We're talking about an internal panel that conducts some of Rattler Publishing applications. But we feel it necessary to not to permanently close the panel but more like redesign it to better serve the upcoming MCR-Studio. Now we are considering the closure of an external panel that house the Rattler Publishing website, and we're looking at the possibility of combining MCR and Rattler Publishing, but the answer to that is for minds greater then mine to figure out.    

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Changes on the Horizon

In the Saturday morning meeting with the staff of Rattler Publishing. I put a motion on the floor to close a C-Panel in order to conserve server space and this change would effect MCR mailing system. The final decision will be made during the last of November or about the first week in December. And those changes will allow us to consolidate the emailing system into a more streamline system. We contemplating a separation between Graphics and the all new MCR Studio where all audio program files for pre-recorded programs are to be sent for editing and uploading. This address will be directly connected to MCR instead of Rattler Publishing. This change will also effect the Music Controller office as well. Gemini addresses will remain the same  

Previously Broadcast Programs on Melanated Community Radio

If you missed the programs on MCR this week it not too late to catch up. Log on to httpss;// for previously broadcast programs on Sundays from 12:00pm 6:00pm

Only on Melanated Community Radio

Previously Broadcast Programs

If you missed the programs on MCR this week it not too late to catch up. Log on to httpss;// for previously broadcast programs on Sundays from 12:00pm 6:00pm  

The core purpose of MCR

I read the post by Anujia about the complexities of our Lock Step Philosophy and forward motion. That's the core philosophy of all things Rattler Publishing. I'm confident you'll be just fine on the journey  That's the reason why the MCR is structured the way it is. Station Manager's were selected that didn't have previous broadcasting experience, but were given all the tools to make it work, its out side the box thinking. There is no I in team and no only me in we. If you come with the same mentality that has gotten you no where over the years, or religious ideologies that has failed us as a people for eons then your not building a community, you're building a ghetto, and we got enough of them. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

My Scary first night of programming cultural music

I must admit Melanated Community Radio servers operating on the Rattler Publishing network was a little intimidating; so many servers, so many different codes that's not in the book. I knew that Rattler Publishing and Gemini is where creativity and innovation is the cornerstone, but had no idea of the actual complexities involved in their lock-step philosophy of forward motion.  But as nervous as I was about pushing the keys on the computer, I think I did a pretty good job. So now that my hands have stop shaking, my mind has stopped racing, and I've taken a few deep breath, I know I'll get better as time goes on.
Thank again for the opportunity to take this journey with you.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

New Direction

Rattler Publishing is moving in a new direction. We are contemplating combining The Rattler Publishing website with The Melanated Community Radio site. This will enable us to better serves both companies more efficiently. Although the MCR site is being redesigned, the old on is still up and running. We've, however received notice the player on the MCR site appears to be invisible on google chrome, on the desktop, but appears to work fine on tablet and phone, I'd recommend using Edge or Opera if possible.