Sunday, October 15, 2017

Saturday's Meeting

In Saturday's meeting we discussed the consolidating of Melanated Community Radio website and The Rattler Publishing site. An analysis of feasibility will began in a few days. The merger and or closing of an external C-Panel will depend on the results of the study. But we are committed to the closing of an external panel for the MCR Sound Studio. William Malliset will be in change of the MCR Studio and that's where all the raw material of MCR program will be sent for editing and uploading to the station for program Host. Station Managers can send commercials and ads for editing. The studio is not for re-engineering music for the Cultural Music Department. When sound comes to the Cultural Music department, and is cleared for broadcasting, it will be uploaded in the form it arrived.
Nasrene and Stephen are working on new tags for the station in an attempt to make it easier for program host and station manager to upload and schedule more accurately on the board.
We are pleased with he new look of the site, which I suspect will be changing the next time Will gets inspired. We also discussed the fate of MCR-Malawi and according to the Station Manager Malawi is still experiencing blackouts much like Nigeria we will continue to wait as the story unfolds.     

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