Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Saturday Meeting

In Saturday's meeting Nasrene expressed a concern about MCR going stagnate like things so often do. I understand her fear people of colour does have a tendency of becoming comfortable at a temporary harbor and often times fail to complete the journey. The only way to avoid this is an ever increasing expansion into the unknown, so stay tune for the next evolution. We must constantly evolve and revise the concepts and philosophies of MCR. Changing philosophies into concepts, redesigning the lock step matrix and creating new philosophies and developing them into workable concepts with a checks and balances.
But we must also understand the indoctrination of the mind the last chain of the peculiar institution that says to wait must be broken and have a small amount of patience and endurance.
We are closing an external C-Panel but that will not effect the operations of MCR or Rattler Publishing or Gemini mailing systems.
Gemini had approved the new The Global Community Portal layout. The GCP will undergo a major change in appearance and will be accessible form the website in the near future. Station Manager are to encourage program host to place all MCR Projects on the GCP for the investors to view and comment on. (No Exceptions and no excuses will be allowed) I am not a man that repeats past idiosyncrasies. MCR Station Manager are to create an operational policy that work in concert with Rattler Publishing and Gemini operational policies and must be the driving force of the project.       

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