Saturday, January 27, 2018

Company to distribute MCR programs approved

For some time now Rattler Publishing has searched for a distributor for recorded MCR programs. This morning Nasrene and David, of Rattler Publishing Global, and Tammi Herinici of Gemini International group unanimously approved the proposal submitted by a major distribution company that will distribute the material globally. The material in the studio archives will be the first to be formatted and delivered to the distributor. Rattler Publishing in keeping with the original agreement with Gemini will not claim ownership of the intellectually property. The program will remain the intellectual property of the program host. The distributor agrees with Gemini that Rattler Publishing Global; who is financing the project will receive a small percentage of sales from the material, provided the owner goes through the suggested distributor, but there is no contractual agreement that suggest the material is to be exclusively distributed through the agree company, leaving the each individual property owner to decide to use the suggested distributor or find their own.
The product will be place on the Melanated Community Radio website as it becomes available.
This also fulfills the agreement between Rattler Publishing and Gemini at the start up of MCR about building financial empowerment for melanated people.
After the Saturday Meeting I asked Nasrene Muhammad about the agreement and does it have any hidden clauses the host and station manager should be concern about in the future?
Nasrene replied. "There are no hidden clauses that pertains to the material of the host. But please keep in mind Rattler Publishing do not own the material and it is up to the owner to copyright the material for distribution, which was never part of the original agreement between Rattler Publishing and Gemini."

Saturday, January 20, 2018

New Developments at Gemini

This morning Gemini Investment Managements announced that in April they will no longer offer specials to minority business' but will continue to support the MCR Project, provided the response's of the Global Community are favorable to investment status. Gemini will also continue to support the joint projects and agreements between Rattler Publishing and other obligations made previously. To their credit the Gemini Team has worked tirelessly with Rattler Publishing to launch MCR and have stood by us in the trenches and we appreciate all the hard work Tammi and her team has contributed throughout the launch and set backs.     

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Melanated Community Radio One People One Voice: One step forward one steps back

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Back to normal at The Rattler Publishing Buidling

Today marked the first day back to normal at the Rattler Publishing Building. Although, I've known David for 30yrs It's the first time I now feel officially part of this crew. Being Music Controller for Melanated Community Radio is truly an honor, I thank the Rattler Publishing crew for making me feel so welcome into the folds, and with the change of MCR-Trinidad to MCR-Caribbean I predict a new pathway is being forged.
Gemini also has new exciting ideas about technology developments on the drawing board, Nasrene is pushing a bolder concepts in computer software and design to meet the demanding pace of Rattler Publishing's lock step philosophies.   

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Melanated Community Radio One People One Voice: Cultural Music

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

My Conversation of the upcoming year

Every year now for 30yrs I have meet with David privately to discuss his out look of the coming year. This year, although he has an optimistic view, it also came laced with a dark pessimism of doom.
He said this year will be a turning point on a lot of things. The launch of MCR is proving the lack of true unity among people of colour. The detection of all about me without disregard to we or us, is so ingrained until only death of the old and critical thinking of the young can solve this issues. But I doubt if that will ever be, because the elders has a tendency of passing down matrix's that do not work for the benefit of our people. They fight for only the right to define a colour and not discovery of culture. They fight to belong a part of a system that will never welcome them as equals. So unless the young stop listening to the undisciplined elders they too will continue to consumed by the beast.
I asked did he feel it was hopeless.
He said he believed there is less hope than before and that hope will continue to decline as long as the young believing the undisciplined elders that its better to amalgamate for liberation rather than separate for liberation. Because you can't make peace with an enemy by denying yourself, which is losing respect for yourself, culturally and spiritually that's call surrendering too another's ideology of enlightenment.
I asked him about Najia Group and the purpose.
He said Najia is the watchdog of The Global Community. You got to remember we've had persons that had a me type personality rather than we; so Najia  was created to preform maid services. Also you got to remember Gemini pays half of the expense of MCR, so they are just protecting their interest, must like when you hear people of colour protect the white interest when they take the other side on a issue when it deals with them.
Our conversation when on for about an hour longer and he continued to layout his views of the coming year. I must admit this year is shaping up to be interesting to say the least. THe expected growth of Rattler Publishing and MCR although is wonderful news there is the darkness of the GCP and will Gemini pull support for the project. I can only say about my arrival here in the folds on MCR as Music Controller and how I was judged and disliked shortly after the announcement was made and before I said hello. So I guess David like everyone else connected with culture has experienced that, sadly though; I have to agree with him when you connect with a color instead of culture you tend to judge other of darker complexion through the same lens you see yourselves.