Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The 2018 Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and Shunya Summit

Midway through the Rattler Publishing, Gemini, Shunya Summit here in Montreal Canada The CEO of Rattler Publishing takes a rest before taking the floor on Friday. This morning Rattler Publishing President Ursula Turray will lecture on last years matrix and examine future trajectories for the coming year. She is expected to also speak on the outlook of various projects sponsored by Rattler Publishing, The Community Garden and Melanated Community Radio projects. Ms. Turray is expected to issue a hard look at the forward motion of the projects which will determine the continuation of the projects based on the impact of Rattler Publishing's interest.
This evening Tammi Herinichi President of Gemini Corporation will deliver a lecture on the Gemini's interest and trajectories of Gemini's future which includes but is not limited to the involvement of joint projects with Rattler Publishing and other Gemini subsidiaries. Both Ms. Herinichi and MS. Turray  will present future proposals from various departments of both corporations.

Tomorrow Ms. Nasrene Muhammad Ceo of Gemini Corporation will deliver the closing arguments which will signal the end of the summit for Gemini.
Friday Mr. David Rattler CEO of Rattler Publishing will speak on future outlooks of Rattler Publishing and various projects and with that the 2018 summit will come to a close.
My personal outlook is favorable considering the hardships and alignment issues endured by Rattler Publishing and Gemini with various projects. David is expected to take a stand on tying up loose ends and tightening the forward motion of Rattler Publishing.
With the close of the summit both David and Nasrene will retreat for additional week to sort through the chaos as co-owners and plot the next pathway for both companies to take.
This has been a short year with long nights and days. 

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  1. Good luck!!, and many Blessing in all your wishes to come through for you and all your business!!😊🙏❤