Thursday, October 10, 2019

Impromptu Meeting at Rattler Publishing

Rattler Publishing CEO Returned from Bar Harbor ME this evening and call an impromptu meeting concerning the on going tension between Facebook and Rattler Publishing Inc. David has accused Facebook of attempting to control vital information regarding melanated people. In a recent interview he said. "Its a terrorist attack on the communicative progress of Melanated People and left hand promotion of white ideology of supremacy.  Its the same as with Amazon cornering the market with literary and musical works."
David went on to say Rattler Publishing will not be strong armed into submission on it communication, nor will it remain silent during attacks. He then announced a plan to counter the communications giants move with embargoes and information regarding MCR is used on the platform. The words of his commentary was vague to say the least and it is unclear which avenue of conquest Rattler Publishing will explore in the future.
Based on the evening meeting Rattler Publishing is expected to issue a tighter ban on Facebook and other social media platforms in regards to MCR communication, but what is unclear Rattler Publishing planning a move further into the realm of media platforms.
There is Melanated People dot net which is an alternative to facebook but so far it hasn't caught on too well with mainstream melanated people. People has asked is the alternative social media platform affiliated with Melanated Community Radio, and the answer is no.
We only have speculations as to Rattler Publishing's next move as the tension between Facebook and Rattler Publishing heat up over Melanated Community Radio.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Gemini will not renew the contact with MCR for specials and discounts

At 1:00pm EST Nasrene Muhammad and Tami Herenichi met to discuss Gemini Connect with the MCR Network.
At 10:45pm EST Nasrene informed David and Ursula that Gemini will no longer provide discounts and specials to MCR.
Tammi Herenichi is expected to present a detail report in the Saturday meeting on the Rattler Publishing floor this coming Saturday. 

The Council of the Seven Sovereign Nations

Yesterday David Rattler CEO of Rattler Publishing, V.P of Gemini was ask a question regarding the fate of Melanated People. His speech was direct and to the point. And although; I can't write everything  he said in a blog post, here is a small potion of that speech.
             "It's always amazes me how the life of  Melanated Men can be reduces to a teardrop that never falls from eyes wide shut. But it happens more often than not. Widows and fatherless children keep time like muffled drums following Black Hearse's to graves. '
               Angry young fatherless warriors now rushing toward rage but failing to remember the words of the Shaman's  time my young brave is eroding the hidden places and revealing the reach of the pale hands of our enemies. Our young warriors however, must still understand that in order to journey to a brighter future, old tactics that has not yield solutions in the past will offer none in the future. The perspective of enemies must change and the words of the Great Zulu King, Shaka ksSenzangakhona 'Never leave an enemy to rise' must be employed"
As we left the building members rose to their feet in applauds.  The entire speech painted a dark reality of the one true enemies of all people of color.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Horrid Conditions

This evening at 4:55PM EST several relays stopped functioning. Gemini indicated three signal one relays located in the mid-west crashed. At present Gemini indicated the Geo-location of these relays are located somewhere between Seattle and Chicago. Information is still coming in and we'll keep you updated as it become available. This is the cause of the Melanated Community Radio Site crash. We to set up a emergency site with a player which connects to the Rattler Publishing Communications Satellite feed.
Ursula Turray of Rattler Publishing and Tammi Hereinichi of Gemini both raised cyber and ground securities of both companies to threat-con Bravo 1

Thank you for your patience and we'll have the site back up as soon as possible

Nasrene Muhammad
Senior Executive
Gemini Corporation

Saturday, January 26, 2019